Singing requires an extraordinary voice that is not found in most people. Performing as a singer requires me to be extremely careful with my voice. If you are a singer, you know the struggle of lousy throat and singing. You need to use the cords correctly to produce the sound. Still, you get a sore throat or any related issue. Being a musician, I confront different questions, but an interesting one of them is what do singers drink to clear their throats? 

I have been using different throat cleaners to help me sing more beautifully. I feel like they are helping, and I have had no problems. There are different throat sprays and herbal teas that you can use. If you have concerns about your voice, read this guide to get the most satisfying results. 

What helps clear your throat for singing?

What helps clear your throat for singing

It is necessary to clean the airway that produces the most satisfying sound. The singers I work with have a lot of fun and love doing what they do. They work hard, sing along to their favorite songs, and are the best in the world at it. Sometimes their throats are sore, and cleaning them up takes a little time. 

How to get rid of mucus in the throat for singing?

It is a natural phenomenon when pressure on the mucous membrane produces the mucus to keep the balance in the cords. In the past, I would clear mucus by grinding my folds together, which caused even more irritation whenever I faced mucus issues. 

After discussing my situation with my doctor, I was prescribed mucolytics, which thin mucus so it’s less thick and sticky, facilitating my singing activities. Along with the mucolytics, I keep myself hydrated, making it easier to get rid of mucus in the throat.

I also use some throat-clearing sprays when I don’t have much time to clear my throat naturally. In addition to the sprays, I utilize onion syrup, which helps me heal more quickly. Moreover, I eat fresh fruits and avoid any sour fruit that increases the mucus. The proper diet with steam helps to get things done more quickly and efficiently. 

How can I clear my throat quickly?

If you are pressing and want things to resolve faster than usual, it is better to steam up and adequately hydrate yourself. It will keep the vocal tract pretty moist, and you will get better results. You can even use the vaporizer that will help reduce your vocal cords’ swelling. 

I assess my singing routine, and if I face issues regarding my throat, I look for the Bromelain tablets. It acts as an anticoagulant to break the phlegm and mucus into a thin liquid to expel from the body.

The easiest way I prefer to use it is gargling the salt water a night before the concert or any function. It includes salt, water, honey, and baking powder to make the process quick of clearing throats.

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Foods that clear your throat for singing

When it comes to my food choices, I avoid all those foods that put pressure on my vocal cords, and the best foods that I use to clear my throat for singing are the following.

Fish is the leading food I take in my diet because its rich protein gives me the necessary energy and keeps my vocals intact. In addition, chicken is another crucial food that one can rely on as a singer. 

Water is the critical element that most singers avoid. It provides instant relief by providing the necessary hydration. The second most important food that I always recommend to the singers is the use of green tea and honey. You will be amazed by the results this combo provides.

Other foods are:

  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raw Egg 
  • Melon
  • Nuts

How to make voice clear and soft for singing?

Certain factors are essential for the singers to follow from the first day. You can not just get away with the throat phlegm and mucus if you don’t make a particular throat clearing routine that includes: 

  • I always try to sing at Diaphragm and strive to keep my throat hydrated before and after singing; that keeps my vocal cords relaxed.
  • I avoid smoking and keep my sinus clear.
  • The atmosphere also plays a vital role, so ensure your surroundings are fully humid or vaporized.
  • Don’t put stress on the cords.
  • Always practice keeping your voice clear.
  • Drink herbal teas to clear the throat.

What to drink to have a good voice?

What to drink to have a good voice

Cords are the most critical parts of the singer’s body, and everybody needs to oblige this fact. For this reason, the leading drinks that I use include teas. You can add honey and maple syrup to make the teas tastier. Some of the teas that I usually take are Herbal teas, water, Black tea, and lemon tea.

Tip: You need to avoid the coffee, which does not work well with the cords as it produces acid.

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In this article, I have listed the foods and drinks I have been taking all my life, and the results are incredible. Moreover, I have provided reliable methods to clear your throat before singing. In addition, if the regular gargling routine doesn’t work, you may look for the quick ways I have described to get an essence. If all these methods don’t work, consult the doctor immediately for quick relief. 

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