Tayogo bone conduction headphones are one of the most reasonable headsets on the market. I have used the Tayogo S2 bone conduction headphones for my running routine. Undoubtedly, they are good with sweat resistance and connectivity. However, Tayogo headsets malfunction for known or unknown reasons. I always go apt for Tayogo Troubleshooting. 

Tayogo provides efficient battery life and exciting features with a multifunction button and control. Tayogo headphones always require correctly updated firmware and regular cleaning to keep your headphones intact. Otherwise, you will face various bone conduction headphones problems.

In this troubleshooting guide, I will walk you through the necessary steps and processes to help you deal with any issue you encounter while using Tayogo headphones. So, keep reading.

Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones Troubleshooting 

Nobody can deny the open-ear safety and comfort Bone conduction headphones provide while running, working, cycling, or working out. But sometimes, Bone Conduction Headphones Problems sour the taste of wireless and freeing experience. Let’s discuss the issues and potential solutions of the Tayogo headphones.

Tayogo Not Charging

Tayogo Not Charging

When I face this issue when my Tayogo S2 headphones are not charging, the first thing I look for in the charging cable is whether it is functional. The next thing I look at is whether the adapter’s power is optimum or compatible with the requirements of my Tayogo battery. 


  • After checking the apparent reasons, the most used way is to leave it for a charge for a considerable time and check again. 
  • I always inspect the battery and conclude that the battery is drained or faulty. If it is faulty and battery replacement is always complex in bone headphones. So, I prefer investing in new gear. 
  • Reboot your headphones, and if the problem persists, then go for the hard reset.

Tayogo S2 Firmware Not Updated

Tayogo S2 Firmware Not Updated

Once I tried connecting my S2 with my smartphone, they did not show up and ghosted. Occasionally, the Tayogo S2’s firmware is not updated, or the stereo source it is connected to does not have the latest version. Tayogo S2 Firmware Update is the best way to deal with this issue.

Troubleshooting | How to Update Tayogo Firmware?

  • To update the Tayogo to the latest version of the firmware, you better know the model of the device you are using.
  • After that, connect your headset to your PC or Laptop.
  • Make sure the PC can recognize the USB main play before upgrading the firmware.
  • Now download and upgrade your headset to the latest version.

Tayogo S2 Won’t Turn On

Tayogo S2 Won't Turn On

It is the most frustrating thing for audiophiles when their stop is working and not turning on. Don’t lose your mind. There could be several reasons, like not entirely changed or you haven’t charged it at all. 

Another potential reason could be faulty Tayogo headphones or battery draining. In addition, the power button accumulated sogginess and stopped working.


  • The most obvious way is to connect it to the PC and upgrade it to the latest firmware. 
  • Still not working? Then, try charging it for a while and press the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on. It primarily works after these tweaks. 
  • If it doesn’t work after all these methods, try resetting it by referring to the Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones S2 Manual.

Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones Pairing Problem

Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones Pairing Problem

To follow up on the Tayogo S2 Pairing, you need to turn on these headphones by pressing the power button for 3 seconds and see the red and blue lights blinking – it shows ready to pair. 

Sometimes, you do not see Tayogo in your smartphone connecting devices list because you are not in the proximity of the headphones. Or you haven’t charged your headphones to the full. 

In addition, some interferences hinder the connectivity process. If all fails, then it is sure that Tayogo bone conduction headphones have hardware malfunctioning.


  • The quickest way to avoid this problem is to remove all the interferences first.
  • After that, ensure your audio source is in the proximal space.
  • Try updating both devices to the latest firmware.
  • You can get benefits from the Tayogo App Download – to play your favorite songs, have easy connectivity, make your playlists, and serve as a fitness app.
  • Now remove all the devices from the connecting list.
  • Pair your headphones again, and they will do the job.
  • Fully charge your headphones and Reboot your headphones.
  • Look for the Tayogo S2 Manual to learn how to reset your Tayogo headphones if all the tips fail.

How to reset Tayogo S2?

How to reset Tayogo S2

If my headphones malfunction, resetting is the most straightforward to avoid any fuss while connecting my Tayogo S2 before I go running. You can reset your headphones by pressing the power button for about 15 seconds till the red and blue lights start flashing, which indicates the headphones are ready to pair. 

Tayogo Waterproof Mp3 Player Red Light

Tayogo Waterproof Mp3 Player Red Light

If your Tayogo Waterproof Mp3 player shows Red Light, you need to connect it to the charger to charge it. The red light shows the low battery indication. If the red light persists, you need to charge it until it’s gone to solve it.

  • Try to reboot the device.
  • Hard reset the Mp3 player.
  • Inspect the adapter and charging cable.
  • Change the charging source.
  • Update the Mp3 to the latest firmware.
  • Change the faulty battery if you can, or get new gear.

Final Words

Tayogo provides modern technology at affordable prices that include Bluetooth 5.0, waterproofing, and a standard listening experience that makes it pretty considerable. With in-budget tech come some issues. With quick guidance and Tayogo Troubleshooting, you can solve these problems, which I provided in this article, so take a look and enjoy your music on a budget with Tayogo.

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