Going online and reading dozens of recommendations on headphones can be overwhelming. Sometimes all you need is something that does the job and does not require the latest features and specs that drive the price. Sennheiser considers this when designing the more affordable HD 450BT and HD 458BT models.

The Sennheiser HD 450BT and HD 458BT are the best headphones to buy if you want to get great sound for a reasonable price. While the Sennheiser HD 450BT isn’t bad for its affordable price and the mid-range specs and sound quality, some users may prefer the HD 458BT due to its superior aesthetics, which can be a deal-breaker for some users.

We will compare the two models side-by-side and compare their design, sound, wireless streaming, user interface (UI), active noise cancellation (ANC), and battery life.

Sennheiser HD 450BT vs HD 458BT Comparison Chart

ModelSennheiser HD 450BTSennheiser HD 458BT
Detachable CableYesYes
Foldable YesYes
Tangle Free CableNoYes
Travel Bag IncludedYesYes
Open-back DesignYesYes
Sweat Resistance NoNo
Dustproof and Water-resistantNoNo
Cable Length1.5mN/A
Over-the-ear FormYesYes
In-ear FormNoNo
On-ear FormNoNo
Earbud FormNoNo
Stereo SpeakersYesYes
Active Noise Cancellation(ANC)YesYes
Lowest Frequency18Hz18Hz
Highest Frequency22000Hz22000Hz
Driver Unit Size32mm32mm
Impedance18 OhmsN/A
Sound Pressure Level108dB/mW108dB/mW
neodymium magnetNoNo
Passive Noise ReductionNoNo
Used WirelesslyYesYes
Bluetooth Version55
APTX AdaptiveNoNo
Bluetooth APTXYesYes
APTX Low LatencyYesYes
3.5 mm Male ConnectorYesYes
Maximum Bluetooth Range10mN/A
Supports Bluetooth pairing using NFCNoNo
Battery Life30h30h
Battery TypeRechargeableRechargeable
Charge Time2h2h
USB Type-CYesYes
Battery Level IndicatorYesYes
Wireless ChargingNoNo
Battery Power600mAh600mAh
Removable Battery NoNo
Noise-canceling MicrophoneNoNo
Ambiant Sound ModeNoNo
In/On-ear DetectionNoNo
Number of microphones22
Lowest Mic Frequency80HzN/A
Highest Mic Frequency6000HzN/A
Mute FunctionNoNo
Multipoint CountN/A2
Control Panel Placed on a DeviceYesYes
Can be used as a HeadsetYesYes
In-Line Control PanelYesYes
Warranty PeriodN/AN/A

Sennheiser HD 450BT and HD 458BT Descriptive Comparison

Design and Build

Though the design is still pretty similar, the Sennheiser HD 458BT has slightly more features than the HD 450BT. Due to Sennheiser’s commitment to providing a comfortable and convenient product in very lightweight designs, it weighs only 238 grams for the HD 450BT and HD 458BT. 

Using it with different appliances won’t bother the user since it’s easy to move around. In addition to being portable, these devices are foldable, taking up less space when stored.

Moreover, the HD 450BT and HD 458BT come with an oval over-the-ear ergonomic design. Full-size ear cups comfortably fit your ears, enhancing sound isolation due to active noise cancellation. This ensures that anyone nearby cannot hear what you are listening to.

Moreover, the cups are foldable inwards, maximizing the amount of space the cup takes up. Both models have a primarily plastic build, making them uncomfortable, especially in the band area, which is not padded heavily.

Both headphones feature a classy and minimalist design with the Sennheiser logo on both sides, but what distinguishes the HD 458BT from the others is the red accents on the band and cups. Those who value aesthetics as much as the sound quality won’t be satisfied with this. Even though it can be stretched to fit your head, it might feel too tight initially and may take some time to break in.

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Sennheiser designed both models to cater to general listening rather than focusing on a specific aspect of listening. There is a maximum frequency of 22,000 Hz and a minimum frequency of 18 Hz.

Bass lovers may not be too thrilled with the bass levels, although they are pretty high for accommodating a wide range of music. It allows you to listen to a wide variety of music, podcasts, shows, and gaming streams.

Being marketed as music for general listening might turn some customers away. However, you still get good vocals, thumping beats, and superb clarity of instrument detail beyond percussive sounds. The default frequency settings are adequate for everything, although not exceptional for those who don’t need this. Both models are compatible with the Smart Control app, which lets you play around with different frequencies and customize your listening experience.

Wireless Streaming

The pairing procedure is also relatively straightforward: both models support Bluetooth 5.0, aptX, AAC, and aptX Low Latency. They can also easily switch between devices and are highly intuitive regarding which device is playing audio.

Moreover, they support Bluetooth multipoint so you can use the headset simultaneously with two devices. With a phone or desktop, the streaming experience is excellent: there is no noticeable lag.

However, it was less responsive with Bluetooth multipoint because it did not support push notifications except for incoming calls.

Active Noise Canceling

Sennheiser’s HD 450BT offers excellent active noise cancellation. Although they may not be the most effective active noise-canceling headphones, they do the job well–the background noise is considerably reduced, so it’s excellent for general consumers and remote workers. It is a great choice for those looking for mid-tier features at an affordable price.

You can expect similar results from the Sennheiser HD 458BT. Generally, it performs better in areas that aren’t too noisy, but in crowded places, it might not be so effective. You can use it when you are in a cafe if it works well enough.

The active noise cancellation feature of both headphones isn’t very effective. Still, the over-ear cups are good enough for blocking out most external sounds.

User Interface

There is little difference in the user interface of the Sennheiser HD 450BT and HD 458BT. Both headphones have rockers and control buttons on the right ear cup.

The controller includes a power button, volume controls, a slider for moving between tracks, pausing, and playing, and an AI assistant button.

Despite Sennheiser’s belief that it is convenient to have all the buttons on one side, the buttons are too small and too clustered, so you will have to find them to activate anything.

Both Sennheiser headphones require some learning because the multi-tasking buttons can be overwhelming to newcomers. Another problem is there is no voice notification or distinct sound when the device switches on or off or when your chosen mode is activated.

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Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most critical aspects of the Sennheiser HD 450BT and HD 458BT. It is advertised that they will last for up to thirty hours, even during heavy listening. Charging takes two hours, but the payoff is that it has longer battery life. Even if it runs out of charge, you can still connect it to the 3.5 mm jack using the cable provided in the box.


The microphone is not the best feature of either Sennheiser model. The microphone frequencies are in the range of 80 Hz to 6,000 Hz. Due to the lack of noise cancellation, both headphones aren’t ideal for making calls.


It costs $129.95 to purchase the Sennheiser HD 450BT but $119 to buy the Sennheiser HD 458BT.

What’s included?

Sennheiser HD 450BT

  • HD 458BT Wireless Headphones
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Audio Cable
  • Safety Guide
  • Quick Guide
  • Carry Case

Sennheiser HD 450BT

  • Sennheiser HD 450BT headphones
  • Carrying case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 1/8″ TRS cable
  • Manuals

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Both models only differ in their design and price. Both models have the same specs and working features. It isn’t easy to distinguish one model from another because they perform equally well in crucial aspects such as sound quality and connectivity. In this case, the Sennheiser HD 450BT would be more cost-effective since it costs less and performs similarly to the HD 450BT. Based on these criteria, here is a summary of how the two models performed:

Sennheiser HD 450BT is the Winner in terms of price. Sennheiser HD 450BT won the design category. Both models have the same build and user interface. Regarding wireless streaming and active noise cancelation, both the HD 450BT and HD 458BT have the same functionality. They also come with the same battery life. And last but not least, the microphone is identical on both headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 450BT good?

Although this headset is an excellent buy at $129, you could get an even better one for a bit more money. Sennheiser’s HD 450BT headphones are excellent for the price. They have pretty good noise-canceling features and excellent sound quality, which is rare in this price range.

Does the Sennheiser HD 458BT have a mic?

In addition to having a built-in microphone, they are also capable of making phone calls. While working from home, the quality of the phone calls was clear, and I could use them for calls.

Can Sennheiser HD 450BT be wired?

Even though they can be connected to a Bluetooth-enabled PC, their latency is probably too high for gaming. If all you want is game audio, you can plug your headphones into a PC or PS4, or Xbox One controller, but the microphone won’t work. For wired gaming, Sennheiser HD 450BT is satisfactory.

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