I have been using optical and Bluetooth modes in connecting my soundbar to the tv, and both work perfectly fine. Both have different pros and cons, and whenever our friends chill together, I prefer optical over Bluetooth, raising the question: Is Optical better than Bluetooth? Well, there are many crucial factors in choosing one over the other. 

In this article, I will enlist the usefulness of optical cable and Bluetooth to connect one stereo device to the TV. Moreover, there will be comprehensive differentiation of optical and Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, I will describe my experience of connecting my Samsung soundbar using these two methods.

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What’s better Bluetooth or Optical?

What's better Bluetooth or Optical

I keep certain features in mind before choosing between Bluetooth and the optical way of connecting two devices. The factors are:

Stable Connection

Stable Connection

Nowadays, optical cables come with 24K Gold-plated terminals that make the connection stable and audio quality becomes better. On the other hand, no doubt Bluetooth modern technology with 5.2 is getting better, and I don’t usually get any problems, but still, Bluetooth connection is vulnerable to electrical interferences. 

There is no need to connect by turning on the pairing mode and finding the new devices to connect your external device to the optical cable. You need to plug in one side of your soundbar and another side to the TV, and you are good to go. So, when it comes to connectivity, Bluetooth lacks a bit. 

Proximity & Free Movement

Proximity and Free Movement

If there are friends on the weekend and I want to move freely with the soundbar, Bluetooth is the most reliable way. You can not get the long optical cable that will allow you to roam in the home. I would go for the optical method when I am alone and want to keep everything in the proximal range. 

Audio Quality

Audio quality is the primary concern when choosing between optical and Bluetooth. With all the immersive and high-resolution sound, Optical stands out. The Dolby over Bluetooth makes the audio quality while using BT more refined and crystal clear. But the content or song you listen to should be according to Dolby Atmos guidelines. 

What is the main advantage of optical audio over Bluetooth audio? Is it better than Bluetooth, or is it just a hoax?

What is the advantage of optical audio?

What is the advantage of optical audio

I would choose the optical cable if I were watching Netflix alone and wanted crystal-clear digital audio. Because compressed 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound systems and uncompressed PCM audio can both be played back through an optical connection, this is possible. 

These systems deliver stunning sound with a broad dynamic range, which includes Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution, and LPCM. Moreover, optical audio is more immersive and provides a three-dimensional listening experience. 

Is optical better than Bluetooth for soundbar?

Samsung Soundbars have become a household name, and I keep on upgrading them, and they always amaze me with good quality. One fantastic feature is the connectivity; with the latest Bluetooth technology, everything is turning wireless, and other digital connecting options have upgraded to the latest surround sound features. 

The key differences I have witnessed between Optical vs Bluetooth soundbar are the stability. The audio signals from the optical cable are more stable and high definition, but Bluetooth’s connectivity convenience is unmatchable. So, when I choose Samsung soundbar Bluetooth or optical way to get things going I would look for the usability and intentions.

Bluetooth vs Optical vs HDMI

The main difference between Bluetooth, Optical, and HDMI is these methods’ audio quality. The Bluetooth with 5.2 requires the compression of the bandwidth to produce an adequate sound quality. 

On the other hand, the optical offers uncompressed PCM audio and compressed 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound systems that are better than Bluetooth. Above all is the HDMI that produces cinema-like sound via Dolby, ARC devices and brings the most reliable sound quality of all.

So, if I had to choose one of these three, I would go for the HDMI that provides a stable connection, better audio quality, and more compatibility with modern devices. 

Is optical better than HDMI?

No, the main difference between Optical vs HDMI arc is the quality of the audio and video both connecting cables provide. The HDMI 2.1 offers tremendous compatibility and more stability than optical cable lacks. Overall, the optical cables work as the first alternative other than HDMI.


I have discussed and compared the optical and Bluetooth connectivity of the devices for you all to know the convenience these methods provide. Moreover, I have illustrated the facts and details about these two methods and concluded.

So, I would say yes, there is a significant difference between the audio quality of these two, and I would choose optical over Bluetooth, but I can’t ignore the comfort and ease Bluetooth brings. 

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