Aftersholz bone conduction headphones come in different models such as Titanium, Trekz Air, Aeropex, and many others. If you have recently purchased one of these headphones models, or you have just received, and you’ve charged it until the light turns blue on the LED.

After that, you tried turning on your headphones for the first time, but you failed after many attempts, do not worry.

It’s not surprising that many Aftershokz headphone customers want to know how to turn on Aftershokz headphones? It may seem silly, but this is not the case since most people never read the instruction manual but rather look on the Internet to find the answers they need.

Let’s look at the answer to this simple question.

How to Turn On Aftershokz Headphones?

  • To begin with, press and hold the power button on your Aftershokz headphone for 5–7 seconds. In particular, you should keep in mind that this is the method you can use if your model has only a single button.
  • If you have a model with more than one button, you must hold and press the volume + button for a few seconds, and the headphone will turn on.
  • The first thing you will hear when the headphones are turned on is a sound such as Welcome to Terkz Air or Titanium, depending upon the model of the headphones.
  • As long as you follow the instructions in the manual or follow the above-given method, the headphones should be turned ON.

If it is not turning on, it may have issues with the battery, and it may be faulty. Although, I assumed earlier that you had completely charged your headphones, and then you attempted to turn on your headphones.

You don’t need to worry about Aftershokz since it comes with a minimum two-year warranty. You can file a warranty claim at Aftershokz official website.

If you purchased the Aftershokz headphones from Amazon, you could return the headphones within the timeframe mentioned by them.

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In case there is a warranty on your headphones, don’t play with them; claim the warranty. You will lose your warranty in that case.

You can replace the battery after the warranty period has expired or check what is going on with the LED light because moisture may be causing problems. You can use a blind pairing procedure to pair your headphones with your phone in this situation.

In addition, if you know that the headphones could have moisture in them, you can keep them in the sun, or you can use a heat gun to dry them out, but be sure to use the heat gun with precautions and with minimum heat.

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