The method of resetting almost every bone conduction headphones is the same but still, it is strange that Tayogo bone conduction headphones do not give any information about resetting in the manual and even on their website.

If you visit their website, you will find different manuals of different models of Tayogo that you can download. I tried downloading all of them one by one, but there was no information on resetting, but all other information was given, even the related FAQs.

I already have a lot of bone conduction headphones, so I thought I would search the Internet and tell you how to reset the bone conduction headphones, but I have to buy these headphones especially for you, and after many tries now I know how to reset tayogo bone conduction headphones.

Follow the following steps to reset the Tayogo bone conduction headphones.

  • First, disconnect the headphones to the mobile phone.
  • Holding the power button for 15 seconds is all that is required to reset your Bluetooth headphones.
  • After that, if you didn’t remove them already from your paired list on your phone or device, make sure that you do it now.
  • You should restart your device and then repair it with the mobile phone.
  • If it’s not pairing, restart your mobile.

This resetting method is applied only to these Tayogo bone conduction headphones. By clicking on the link, you can get the rest of the information about these headphones, and I have also given my review in it.

Besides, I have not used this resetting method on any other Tayogo bone conduction headphones. However, it should be nearly identical.

One thing you should always keep in mind: never try to reset your headphones if they have a low battery; their software may be corrupted.

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