After you have turned on your AfterShokz headphones and paired them, it may be essential for you to know how to reset them manually.

You may need to pair your headphones with another device. In this case, you should first reset your headphones. Also, if you are having trouble reconnecting your headphones, it may be necessary for you to reset them. Moreover, if you hear noises during the playback of your music, In that case, it is also a good idea to reset your headphones. There are many other problems that can be solved by resetting your aftershokz headphones.

How to reset Aftershokz headphones?

  • Turn off your headphones before you begin.
  • For 5–7 seconds, hold down the power or volume+ button to enter pairing mode. You will see a red and a blue LED light flashing as your headphones turn on.
  • Hold the volume-down button, power or volume-up button, and the multifunction button, all three buttons simultaneously, for 3- 5 seconds. A beep will be heard twice, or the headphone will vibrate.
  • Now, your headphones need to be turned off.

Now the headphones have been reset, and they can now be re-paired with your device. We also suggest turning your phone off and turning it back on again before beginning the pairing process.

When should you reset your Aftershokz headphones?

There can be many problems that require resetting to solve the issue. Some are given below:

  • In case you are having difficulty pairing the headphones to your phone.
  • One of the problems with Aftershokz headphones is when you only hear mono sound.
  • In a short period of time, there is a sudden interruption in the headphones.
  • If the headphone mic picks up too much ambient noise.
  • If the headphone mic is not picking up your voice.
  • If the headphone mic causes a garbled voice.

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