The Aftershokz headphones are known to be among the best Bluetooth wireless headphones currently on the market. Since the process of pairing Aftershokz headphones with your Bluetooth device is very similar to that of pairing any other Bluetooth-compatible wireless earphones, you do not need special knowledge of how to pair Aftershokz. However, some simple points need to be followed to avoid any issues.

So, this article aims to guide you on how to pair Aftershokz with any Bluetooth-enabled device without having any problems.

How to Pair Aftershokz?

Following is the step-by-step guide to pair Aftershokz.

The first thing you need to do is to put the headphones in pairing mode. Usually, if you take your headphones out of the box as soon as they are brand new, they will, by default, be in pairing mode. Otherwise, you should follow this procedure.

  • To begin with, you need to turn your headphones off by pressing the power button on your headphones. Following that, you need to hold the volume up button for 5-7 seconds.
  • Upon completing this step, the LED light on the headphones will start flashing in the Blue and Red color combinations to indicate that the device has entered pairing mode. In addition, you will receive an audio prompt “Pairing.”

From here, the pairing process will differ based on the device that you choose to pair to, as well as the operating system you are using.

Difference Between Android and IPhone Pairing to Aftershokz

In order to get the headphones visible to your Android device, you will first have to open up the Bluetooth settings, enable Bluetooth, and start the search for your headphones. Tap on the name of the Aftershokz headphones (name can be different, depending on the model) to pair them.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about the iPhone, there is no real difference between an iPhone and an Android except for the interface and operating systems; all the steps are the same.

NFC Pairing

Using the NFC capabilities of the OpenComm headphone, the OpenComm can also be paired with any Android device. This makes the pairing process more accessible and convenient on Android, unlike iPhones.

To pair Aftershokz with Android using NFC, you should ensure that your Aftershokz OpenComm headphones are in pairing mode. Once this is done, you will need to locate the NFC tag, which is positioned on the left arm of the headphones.

Now you need to bring the headphones to the vicinity of the NFC region of your Android phone to pair them, and you will receive LED and voice notifications telling you they have been paired.

Multi Pairing

Aftershokz headphones are equipped with a multipoint pairing feature that enables the headphones to be paired with different devices, making them convenient to use. However, there is no way to connect both devices simultaneously, but you can switch between two devices effortlessly. For example, you can switch to taking calls from listening to music on your laptop.

In order to do this, using the above pairing method, pair one device.

Turning off the headphones

As soon as you press the volume up button and the multifunction button simultaneously for a few seconds, you will hear a voice telling you that the multipoint has been activated.

Now just like locating the headphones on the first device, discover them on the second one and pair them. After pairing, you will hear, “second device is connected.”

How to Pair Aftershokz with Other Devices

iPhone, TV, Computer, Multiple Devices, Android, Macbook, Apple Watch, Tablet

How to Pair Aftershokz other Models

Aftershokz Titanium, Aftershokz Air,

Why is my AfterShokz not pairing?

There can be many issues if your Aftershokz is not pairing. First, look at the paired list on the device which needs to be connected with Aftershokz. Just clear the list of one device. Second, headphones software bugs can occur, which can be quickly resolved through resetting.

How do I reset my AfterShokz Bluetooth?

Make sure you turn off your headphones and that they are not on your device’s connected devices list before you begin. To turn on pairing mode, press and hold the volume+ button for about 5-7 seconds, then release the button. Now the headphones are ready to connect.

What is the multifunction button on AfterShokz?

You can use the multi-function button to make and receive calls, as well as control the music with just a few taps without holding the phone in your hand. However, it can take time to get used to it.

Is there an AfterShokz app?

Yes, Aftershokz does have an app, however, this app works only with Aftershokz Open Run Pro. Therefore, it is not possible to customize control settings, listen to profiles, or update the firmware via the app, except Open Run Pro.

Can you use Spotify on AfterShokz?

Currently, only the AfterShokz Xtrainerz are equipped with MP3 capabilities, and they do not work with Spotify or Apple Music. There is also no Bluetooth connectivity with the headphones. Thus, music must be uploaded to the headphones directly.

Why are my AfterShokz beeping?

Depending on your headphones, you may receive a signal of their battery status or if you are trying to maximize or minimize the headphones’ volume. Also, occasionally, your Bluetooth headset will beep due to interference caused by other pairable devices within range.

How do you change the music on AfterShokz?

While the music is playing, press the multifunction button twice. There will be a short beep, and a new track will be played.

How do I increase the volume on AfterShokz?

Most of the Aftershokz headphones have two dedicated volume buttons (Volume+ and Volume-), you can use them. The Multifunction button is not used to control volume.

How do I know when my AfterShokz are fully charged?

The LED will turn blue when your AfterShokz headphones are fully charged. After charging, secure the protective rubber flap over the charging port to prevent damage, humidity, or dirt from collecting in the port. Let your headphones dry if they have been wet or sweaty before charging them.

Which AfterShokz for swimming?

According to AfterShokz, the Xtrainerz headphones have an IP68 rating, meaning they can be used underwater at a depth of two meters for up to two hours. In our opinion, these are the best headphones for swimming.  

How do you check an AfterShokz battery?

Pressing the volume+ or volume- key while the music is not playing will allow you to hear the battery status. There are three battery levels, “Battery High,” “Battery Medium,” and “Battery Low.”

How long does it take for AfterShokz to charge?

Almost all Aftershokz models can be fully charged in only 2 hours. The red light indicates that they are charging, and the blue light indicates that they are fully charged. According to AfterShokz, you should be able to get around 8 hours of playback time from a full charge.

Can you wear AfterShokz in the rain?

Aftershokz Xtrainerz headphones are best in the rain and any other water-related activity. However, it does not mean you wear them all day in the rain, shower or underwater.

Can AfterShokz battery be replaced?

The Aftershokz battery is not replaceable or repairable. However, the company gives a two-year warranty on all Aftershokz models, which means that if your battery is not working fine, they will assist you in filing a warranty complaint so you can ask for a replacement.

Why won’t my Aftershokz headphones turn on?

There can be many possible issues. First, the battery is dead. Secondly, you are not correctly pressing buttons for turn on. You just need to press the power or volume plus button for 5-7 seconds to turn them ON.

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