Do you want to listen to your favorite tracks while managing official calls? If yes, Bone conduction headphone offers you to switch between more than one device to maximize the daily chores. So, it is crucial to learn How to Pair Aftershokz to Multiple Devices?

Aftershokz headphones are equipped with Bluetooth technology and multi pairing feature. Although the headphones do not receive inputs from both devices, you can easily switch between them, and the connection is established between the two devices via Bluetooth. Remember, the devices to be connected must have a Bluetooth version higher than 3.1. 

Using multipoint pairing, you can pair two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. While you cannot receive input from both devices simultaneously, you can seamlessly transition between them with your headphones. While listening to music on your PC, you can take a phone call if your mobile rings, and answering the call will require only a click.

This article lets you know how to pair aftershokz to multiple devices. Are the steps different from simple pairing or something tricky? Read the article to the end.

How to Pair Aftershokz to Multiple Devices?

If you are a consistent Aftershokz user, you have basic knowledge about the multi-pairing features of Aeropex, Air, and Titanium models. Aeropex and Opencomm connect other devices through Bluetooth 5.0. The latest versions connect faster when you start the process by turning off the headphones. 

How to turn off Aftershokz headphones? Press the power/volume+ button for 3-5 seconds. Audrey will generate a voice “Power Off.” multipoint pairing also involves putting Aftershokz in pairing mode. 

The multipoint feature also demands how to pair Aftershokz as an initial step. Press the power/volume+ button for 5-7 seconds and wait for confirmation.

I connect my Aftershokz Opencomm to a tablet and a smartphone. Hence, listening to music or attending phone calls becomes a left-handed game for me. You can follow easy steps to connect your favorite devices to headphones. 

  1. Begin multipoint pairing by switching off the headphones
  2. Enable the pairing mode until the red and blue light starts blinking
  3. Audrey will utter, “Pairing,” and discovery mode is activated
  4. Press the multifunction or volume up and down button.
  5. Hold the three buttons for 2-3 seconds until you hear “Multipoint Enabled.”
  6. Connect the first device and receive a confirmation as Connected.

How Do I Connect AfterShokz to Another Device?

How Do I Connect AfterShokz to Another Device

After pairing one device to Aftershokz, it’s time to connect to the second device. The following steps explain the Aftershokz Opencomm switch between devices within no time.

  • Turn off the headphones again by pressing the volume+ button for 2-3 seconds.
  • Enter the pairing mode and receive the confirmation as Pairing.
  • Open the Bluetooth list of the mobile phone, and tap on aftershokz to connect.
  • Audrey will say, “Device Two Connected,” and the LED Flashes red and blue.

Even after connecting two devices to aftershokz headphones, you cannot simultaneously receive the audio inputs from both devices. So, transit between devices is the solution to get the most out of the multipoint feature. 

Note: Each device will have a connection until all previous connections are reset or deleted.

AfterShokz Turning off Multipoint

AfterShokz Turning off Multipoint

If you do not need to pair your headphones to two devices, turn off the multipoint feature. Turning off the multipoint is more effortless than turning it on. You can do AfterShokz disable multipoint with the help of only two buttons. 

  1. Start powering off the headphones by pressing the volume up button for 3 seconds.
  2. Press the power button for 5-7 seconds until it activates the pairing mode and blinks red and blue lights
  3. Disable the multipoint by pressing the multifunction button and volume down button.
  4. The headphones will generate a voice notification as “Multipoint Disabled.”

AfterShokz Not Pairing

What to do if Aftershokz is not pairing? Before claiming a warranty, opt for other options that can solve not pairing or connecting issues. Resetting is the best first-hand treatment to treat minor and significant headphones faults. 

Start by turning the headphones off and enabling the pairing mode. Press the power/volume+ button for 5-7 seconds. Keep holding the button until the headphones start blinking red and blue light alternatively. Discovery mode also lets you receive the audio message as “Pairing.”

Headphones are turned on, and it’s the time to reset headphones by pressing three buttons. Hold the multifunction button or volume up or down simultaneously. Headphones produce two beeps and vibrate in response. To reset the headphones, turn them off and try re-pairing them with whatever devices you want. 

Where is the power button on AfterShokz?

Where is the power button on AfterShokz

Aftershokz has control buttons on the right side of the headphones’ arms. The power button is not separate and shares the same spacing with the volume-up button. Hence, the volume+ button is assigned to do the dual task. 

Can I wear my AfterShokz in the shower?

Aftershokz Aeroepex is certified IP67-rated headphones and tolerates light rains or excessive sweating. As far as the concern is taking them in the shower, these are not suitable for underwater activities, whether swimming or bathing.

Which AfterShokz is best for phone calls?

Most Aftershokz headphones comprise built-in microphones for sending clear voice notes to the receiver. Anyhow, the Opencomm by Aftershokz is an excellent headset for phone calls. The DSP noise canceling adjusting microphone blocks outside noise and is beneficial for using them in work settings.

Can AfterShokz damage your ears?

Aftershokz, let the vibrations from the bones to the cochlea and ultimately to the brain for decoding. The higher the vibrations at high volumes, the more pressure the brain exerts. However, increased vibrations can cause headaches but do not damage the ears. Infact, the open-ear design prevents several infections or allergies around the surface or inside the ears.

How to Pair Aftershokz with Other Models?

Aftershokz Titanium, Aftershokz Air,

Why are my AfterShokz not pairing?

There can be many problems, but mostly there are some software bugs. So, you have to reset your Aftershokz headphones and try to pair them again. If the list of connected devices is full, you may also face pairing issues.

Can you use Spotify on AfterShokz?

No, only the AfterShokz Xtrainerz have MP3 capabilities, and they will not work with Spotify or Apple Music. In addition, they don’t have Bluetooth connectivity as well. It means that the music has to be uploaded directly onto the headphones.

How do you change the music on AfterShokz?

To change the music on AfterShokz, you have to click the multifunction button twice while the music is playing. You will hear a beep as a result. After this, the next track will start to play.

What is the multifunction button on AfterShokz?

Multifunction, as the name suggests, can perform multiple functions. You can make calls, take calls, and control your music with just a few taps, using only one button. However, it takes time to get used to it.


Pairing or multipoint pairing is not an issue with aftershokz headphones. These devices are equipped with the latest Bluetooth versions and connect more quickly to two devices simultaneously. In this article, I have described how to pair aftershokz to multiple devices and how to resolve not pairing issues. 

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