Using multipoint pairing, two Bluetooth devices can be connected at the same time. Even though you will not be able to receive input from both devices simultaneously, you will be able to transition between the connected devices with your headphones smoothly. You will then be able to take a phone call if your mobile rings while you are listening to music on your PC. Answering the call will only require you to click on a button,

If you own any of Aftershokz headphones, such as the Air, Aeropex, and Titanium models, you’re perhaps already familiar that they’re equipped with a multipoint pairing capability.

This article aims to guide you about how to pair Aftershokz to multiple devices with ease.

So, let’s get into it!

How to Pair Aftershokz to Multiple Devices?

Following are the actual steps to pair Aftershokz to multiple devices.

  • The first thing you’ll want to do is, if you already connected your bone conduction headphones to a device, you’ll need to reset the headphones manually, and then you’ll need to clear them from the device. Also, your AfterShokz headphones should be turned off when you begin.
  • You now need to hold the volume up or power button for about 5 to 7 seconds in order to enter pairing mode. After 7 seconds, the LED light will flash red and blue, and you hear a voice “welcome to Titanium, Aeropex, or Air)” and then “pairing.
  • Next, hold both the power button and the volume+ button simultaneously for 2-3 seconds. You will hear Audrey saying, “Multipoint enabled.”
  • In the Bluetooth settings of your first device, you can select the AfterShokz headphones model that you want to use. You will hear Audrey saying, “Connected.
  • Now it is time to turn off your headphones.
  • For 5-7 seconds, press and hold the power button or volume+ button to enter them into pairing mode again. You will then hear Audrey announce “Welcome with the model name,” and then you will hear, “Pairing.” Another indicator of pairing is the LED light will blink red and blue.
  • Now you can connect the second device with Aftershokz headphones. Just go to the settings of the second device and select Aftershokz headphones. Upon connecting, you will hear “pair or connect” or “device 2 is connected“.
  • It is now time to turn off your headphones again.

The multipoint pairing process has now been successfully completed. The next time you turn on your headphones, both of your devices will be automatically connected to the headphones at the same time.

How to Pair Aftershokz with Other Devices

iPhone, TV, Computer, Android, Macbook, Apple Watch, Tablet

How to Pair Aftershokz other Models

Aftershokz Titanium, Aftershokz Air,

Why are my AfterShokz not pairing?

There can be many problems, but mostly there are some software bugs. So, you just have to reset your Aftershokz headphones and try to pair them again. If the list of connected devices is full, you may also face pairing issues.

Can you use Spotify on AfterShokz?

No, only the AfterShokz Xtrainerz have MP3 capabilities, and they will not work with Spotify or Apple Music. In addition, they don’t have Bluetooth connectivity as well. This means that the music has to be uploaded directly onto the headphones.

How do you change the music on AfterShokz?

In order to change the music on AfterShokz, you just have to click the multifunction button twice while the music is playing. You will hear a beep as a result. After this, the next track will start to play.

What is the multifunction button on AfterShokz?

Multifunction, as the name suggests, can perform multiple functions. You can make calls, take calls, and control your music with just a few taps, using only one button. However, it takes time to get used to it.

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