Have your Skullcandy Headphones become your life’s best friend which you can’t think of leaving at home. However, you might be feeling cheated after using your headphones for quite a long that your trustworthy 24/7 gear is now giving you trouble with critical sound issues.

Then it’s high time to make peace with your headphone. And how can you do that? The answer is simply by cleaning them as you do with all your personal belongings. This will give you the ever-refreshing Skullcandy Headphones that you wish to use frequently. More it will also fix those weird sound issues that you’re facing every now and then.

Now, if you are wondering how would you clean your Skullcandy Headphones and would keep them in perfect condition? Then this guide is here with some easy-to-implement steps that will take just seconds within your busy daily life.

So, What are you waiting for? Let’s dive straight in.

How to Clean Skullcandy Headphones

Jumping directly onto the cleaning procedure for Skullcandy Headphones without collecting the required items first, would prove a real-time waster. Therefore let us see what items we need. Fortunately, each of these will be easily available in the comfort of your home.

Things You’ll Need

  • Soft, lint-free Microfiber cloth.
  • A soft Nylon bristled, tiny brush.
  • Q-tips/ Cotton buds (original cotton)
  • Lukewarm Water 
  • Neutral, mild detergent
  • Skullcandy Headphones (the procedure is incomplete without it, chuckles)
  • A Rubbing Alcohol with 70% in concentration.

Procedure To Clean Skullcandy Headphones

This is the simplest and easiest method that won’t take long to clean your Skullcandy Headphones. Follow the guidelines carefully and you will see your old-looking headphones come to gain life again.

  • Make sure to unplug your headphones if they are connected to any external device.
  • They shouldn’t be on charging while you are attempting to clean them.
  • To make it simpler to clean those teeny, tiny areas, stretch the headband.
  • Remove the earpads from earcups in the beginning so that they can be cleaned properly.
  • Now make a solution of lukewarm soapy water using mild detergent.
  • Wet the piece of clean lint-free cloth in the soapy solution. Carefully squeeze any extra water out to prevent leakage of water into the inner sensitive parts of the headphones.
  • Begin wiping the earpads in all directions. Never overlook the earpads’ inside. Use the same cloth to clean them as well.
  • Clean all of your equipment’s outside surfaces thoroughly such as the headband and its cushion which absorbs a lot of oils from the scalp. Do not forget the connectors, hinges, and the surfaces under those where dirt and grime can easily build up. 
  • You can also lightly dampen a microfiber cloth with an alcohol-based cleaning solution (isopropyl alcohol). This will not only clean the dirt but also would remove the stubborn stains from all the parts of the headphone.
  • Use Q-tips and tiny soft brushes slightly damped in the alcohol solution to clean the screw surfaces and small cracks that couldn’t be accessible for cleaning with the cloth.
  • Leave the cleaned parts to air dry by themselves.
  • Reattach the separated parts to the headset once they are dried, then store it in the case for future use.

Warning: Avoid touching or cleaning the surface present under the earpads as this is a sensitive speaker area that can easily get damaged while cleaning.

Protip: Pat dry the cleaned surfaces as soon as you wipe them clean with a damped cloth. This will save the gadget’s longevity by preventing it from corrosion. 

How do you clean Skullcandy Crusher Headphones?

A: Start by thoroughly cleaning the earpads of the Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with a soft towel moistened in warm, soapy water. With a cotton bud dampened in the same solution, one should also wipe the interior and undersides of the earpads. Immediately after cleaning each surface, use a dried cloth to simultaneously pat each one dry. The headband and its cushion can be cleaned with the same wet towel. Don’t forget to use a small soft brush to reach those hard-to-access areas and make them clean well. These areas include the hinge and screw places.

Can Skullcandy Headphones be repaired?

With Skullcandy Headphones, you can return broken ones to the company and they will offer you a coupon for 50% off on a new set, which is actually not a bad deal considering they are completely repairable.

Wrap Up

This is the easiest possible way one can quickly clean their Skullcandy Headphones. Maintaining headphone hygiene is one of the crucial factors not only for your headphone’s lifespan but it will also maintain your ear health. This way you will keep your ear free from all types of infections and diseases. This article is here to help you in doing so. It is indeed a great guide if you want to keep your Skullcandy headphones clean and in mint condition. 

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