Maybe you are the person who hasn’t paid enough attention to cleaning your current headphones before. However, they need cleaning as much as your body and clothes do. Because it can harbor millions of germs that can threaten your ear health and the sound quality that you wish to stay top-notched.

And when it comes to Bose Headphones. People invest in this gadget like crazy. Bose Headphones feel like fresh air for this on-the-go generation. However, when you invest in quality, don’t you think it’s smart enough to take care of that quality and make it stay longer? 

For that, a user needs to follow a proper cleaning regimen which is not so difficult once a week. This article will guide you step by step on how to clean Bose Headphones without damaging the electronic parts attached to the inner body of your headphones.

How To Clean Bose Headphones

Before you start to honor your Bose Headphone with a cleaning regimen, make sure to collect all the instruments/tools required for easy cleaning. With that, it can also shorten the cleaning time and feel more convenient to kick-start the cleaning process.

Items That You’ll Need 

Getting the supplies are not an issue. Because items are simple and easily available in your homes. It just needs the will to take good care of your quality headphones. Anyways things which are needed are as follows:

  • Soft, clean Microfiber piece of cloth.
  • Small brush with soft nylon bristles.
  • Cotton buds/ Q-tips (100% cotton)
  • Warm Water 
  • Mild soap
  • Bose Headphones
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Procedure To Clean Bose Headphones

  • Make sure to disconnect your headphone if connected to any source.
  • Switch off the power button before initiating the cleaning steps.

General Cleaning

  • First, start with overall general cleaning.
  • Take a piece of cloth, soaked in soapy water. Make sure to squeeze down any extra water. 
  • Gently clean the outer surfaces of a headband, the headband’s cushion, hinges, and plastic material. Carefully clean the ear pads and outer surface of the earcups.

Warning: Do not leave ear cushions in water or any other wet material that can ruin their color.

Start With Cleaning Buttons

These headsets have some toggle buttons present on both earcups. These include the buttons controlling the function of voice control, noise cancellation, voice assistance, and the controller for switching it on and off.

  • These buttons occupy small spaces that can easily get gunk or stained by repeated usage.
  • Take Q-tips soaked slightly in rubbing alcohol and make your way into that small spaces.
  • Then take the small brush and gently rub off any dust or grime which might get stuck in those spaces.
  • Take a small piece of microfiber cloth and dry those areas as soon as you get them cleaned.
  • This way you can clean Bose Headphone’s buttons without any hassle.

Clean All The hinges And Screws

There are some tiny spaces present between the swivels and little screws that can accumulate a lot of dirt over time if not cleaned time and again.

  • Take the same super small brush slightly soaked in Alcohol, make your way into that tiny little hinges, and rub them gently to get all the dirt out.
  • Take the soft microfiber cloth and dry those areas.
  • Repeat the same process for cleaning the screws but this time you clean them with Q-tips soaked in alcohol.

Warning: If you are using any kind of wet wipes, make sure they aren’t soaked in water. Always squeeze the extra water before cleaning your Bose Headphones. This will prevent the inner electrical parts from getting damaged.

Cleaning The Headset Earcups 

  • Make sure to separate each earpad before cleaning the ear cups of Bose Headphone.
  • Take a piece of cloth slightly dipped in rubbing alcohol and gently run it through the whole ear pads. Don’t forget to clean the undersides of the earpads.
  • Dry them quickly with a piece of cloth as moisture breaks them and can cause cracks in earpads if left undried.

Pro Tip: It is advisable to use alcohol-free wet wipes in order to clean the earpads, as alcohol can make the earpads chip, or crack, or can also remove the color over time. 

Bonus Tip: In order to make your earpads stay longer and prevent them from chipping or cracking. Place ‘Silica Gel Pack’ in your headphones’ case all the time. It will absorb all the moisture which ultimately prolongs your headphone’s life.

Cleaning The Earcup’s Openings

  • Now, these are the sensitive components of any headphones. One should pay extra care to clean them up.
  • Use the same cloth slightly dipped in alcohol. Be sure not to use a wet cloth. 
  • Wipe them down and make sure no debris or gunk is forced into these openings while cleaning.
  • Remove any debris or particle that is lodged into these openings which can be seen and easily get cleaned from any tweezer. 
  • Just be extra careful not to damage any opening while cleaning.

Warning: Don’t apply any vacuum or external air to blow into these openings as it can damage the inner parts of the headphones.

Inner Screen Of Earcups

  • The inner screen operates your headphone’s functions and is located inside the ear cups.
  • It is advisable not to attempt any repair or cleaning of this delicate screen.
  • In case it’s found damped by any kind of moisture. Let them air dry for a while.

Warning: Do not use any external air dryer or heating devices to dry them up quickly.

Inner headband’s Cushion

  • Gently detaches the headband’s cushion from the headphone. The way to remove it is explained here.
  • Let it soak in the solution prepared with lukewarm water and a mild detergent.
  • Remove it and let them air dry before attaching the cushion to the headband.

Warning: Don’t drench any part of your Bose Headphones in water. This can lead to damage to the drivers of headphones. 

How to clean Bose 700 Headphones?

A: The cleaning of Bose 700 Headphones is simple. The process is the same as that is applied to any other product for Bose. Take a piece of lint-free, soft towel soaked in soapy water.  Gently rub all the external and internal surfaces with it and dry them quickly afterward. However, do not make the cloth wet as these headphones are not waterproof. This can damage the inner electrical parts.

How to clean Bose over-ear Headphones?

A: For quick and easy cleaning of your Bose Over-Ear Headphones, you should use alcohol-free wet wipes. Clorox wipes are a good option in hand. Make sure to squeeze in any extra water and start by cleaning the earpads first. Remove any debris that you found and make your way up to the whole exterior headband and its cushion. Then remove the earpads from the earcups and gently clean the interiors and the mesh present underneath the earcups. Don’t forget to dry all of the surfaces simultaneously as soon as you wipe them clean.

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How to clean Bose in-ear Headphones?

A: To clean Bose in-ear Headphones, First detach the ear tips from the earbuds and let them soak in a soapy lukewarm water solution. After 15 minutes, take the ear tips out and rinse under flowing warm water to get any stuck debris out from that. 

For the earbuds, wipe them with a dry cotton cloth, if it has ear wax stuck in the mesh, use a cloth dipped in Hydrogen peroxide( 3% concentration only). Clean them with this solution with a mesh facing the ground. So no debris or liquid can go into earbuds. Give gentle taps from above to get any hanging, and loosen ear wax to drop. Leave the earbuds and tips to let them air dry by themselves, after drying attach the ear tips back and start using the earbuds.

How to clean Bose Headphones from sweat?

A: If someone can easily sweat or wear the Bose Headphones while gyming, it is a common occurrence that the earpads will absorb a foul smell. Wipe them with a wet wipe free of alcohol every time after using it or putting it away. Or you can also put them under sunlight for a few minutes to get rid of any odor. Unfortunately, they are made of synthetic leather which is why you would need to replace the earpads periodically.

How to clean smelly Bose Headphones?

A: Always wipe your headphones with a clean, soft piece of towel. Clean them with a lint-free cloth dipped in alcohol before storing them in the case. Do this cleaning regimen after every use, especially after workouts. Dry your headphones as soon as you clean them with any soapy liquid or with rubbing alcohol.

How to clean Bose Sports Headphones?

A: Remove ear tips from the earbuds and put them in mild warm water with a soapy solution for gentle cleaning of ear tips. After a while, take them out and rinse the tips under a flowing warm water faucet. Which will remove any clogged debris that is left under the tips. 

For the earbuds, wipe them with a clean cloth but if there is clogged wax in the mesh, make sure to dip the cloth into 3% hydrogen peroxide. Turn the mesh upside down, facing the ground, and wipe them with the cloth. Let the hydrogen peroxide sit for a few minutes then gently clean and tap the earbud to loosen up any hanged wax left inside the earbud. Dry earbuds and wipe them with a soft cloth or let them dry under the air. Reattach both of these after completely drying out.

How to clean Bose Qc 35 Headphones?

A: For cleaning the Bose Qc 35 Headphones, wipe them with alcohol-free wet wipes. Starts to clean the general outer surface of the headphones and then clean the headband and its cushion, connectors, and all the plastic surfaces. Detach the earpads from earcups and clean them thoroughly with the same wet wipe. Clean the inner openings of ear cups. Carefully clean out any debris stuck between the openings with a tweezer or any safe instrument. 

How to clean Bose Headphones’ headbands?

A: Clean the general outer surface of the headband with a clean dry piece of microfiber cloth. Take out the headbands’ cushion and immerse it in a soapy solution for a few minutes. After that take the cushion out and let it air dry by itself. Reattach it after completely dries out.

How to clean Bose Headphones’ cases?

A: Pat the case with a dry soft cotton swab. For cleaning the charging contacts, gently wipe them. Avoid using rubbing motion while cleaning that would prevent bending the charging pins or this will also prevent any liquid from getting into the charging pins.

How to clean the inside of Bose Headphones?

A: Take a soft microfiber cloth dipped but not soaked in alcohol. Use it for cleaning the mesh present inside of earcups. Use gentle motions to clean all the stuck debris from it. Pat it dry with a soft lint-free cloth


It would only take seconds to clean your headphones. However, with that few minutes of investing your time, you would get the phenomenal-looking headphone. And it will also prolong your headphone’s life so it is crucial to clean Bose Headphones once every week. So that you can enjoy the quality sound that it produces without risking your ear health at risk. If you follow the proper cleaning regime that is mentioned in this article, you won’t probably get to spend your time on amazon searching for the new one. 

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