Do you work out or Jog every day wearing your Beats headphones to avoid any disturbance like me. Exercise brings sweat and sogginess, and is it possible to make the headphones perfectly clean? For you and all others looking for a proper guide on How to Clean Beats Headphones from Sweat, this is that, don’t look further.

Sweat does irritate everybody, and so does damage to your headphones. This guide will discuss the steps to clean your Beats and the practical ways to keep your Beats clean for a longer time. Let’s clean the Beats Headphones.

How to Clean Beats Headphones After Workout?

How to Clean Beats Headphones After Workout

Working out and the Beats headphones have become a norm. I enjoyed working out and listening to DJ Khalid, but sweat is a big concern for my Beats headsets. Is sweat dangerous for the headsets?

Will sweat ruin my beats headphones?

Straight Yes, sweat and humidity will cause severe damage to your Beats headphones. It can break your headphones with time if it gets into any open space and can damage the microphone. Water and salt are salt components, and we know salt doesn’t go well with electronics as it erodes the metal connector. So, How do I keep my beats clean?

Requirements for Cleaning & Storing Beats Headphones  

If you want to clean your Beats Headphones, you require:

  • Use a dampened cotton swab or Wet Wipes.
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Paper Towel
  • Headphones Case
  • Silica Gel 

Tidbit: Silica Gel absorbs the humidity if placed alongside the electrical equipment.

How to clean Beats Solo 3 from sweat?

After the gym session, you need to clean your Beats Solo 3 by:

  •  Wiping it with a clean wet wipe. 
  • The cushions are the first part that needs severe and instant cleaning right after the quick treadmill session or complete gym session. 
  • Now, clean the sliders and mesh properly and avoid any excessive pressure while cleaning that can lead to any damage. 
  • Then, after cleaning with wipes, clean it with a fiber cloth that will make it completely dry.
  • Clean with fragrant wipes to avoid any smell. 
  • Use a headphones case to keep them safe from dirt.
  • Add a packet of silica gel to it to keep it dry.
  • After that, store these headphones in a dry place.

Tip: Don’t use any sharp equipment while cleaning your Beats Headphones. 

How to clean Beats Solo 3 ear pads?

The eas pads of the Beats headphones get the direct impact of the sweat. Cleaning headphones requires moderate wet wipes and a clean microfibre cloth. First, clean the ear pads with wipes and remove any dirt. Now take a fiber cloth, rub it smoothly on the ear pads to complete the process, and let it properly dry before keeping it in the case. 

How to clean Beats Headphones mesh?

How to clean Beats Headphones mesh

Mesh acts like a filter that keeps the ear wax and other dirt from entering the speakers, increasing their longevity. It requires immense care and concentration while cleaning the Beats Headphones’ mesh, which is the last web-like covering of the earphones.

To clean:

  1. Get a wipe and clean – Don’t use too many wet wipes that will damage the drivers and speakers. 
  2. Now take a microfiber cloth and scrub the mesh till you are satisfied.
  3. Then, let it try, and you are done. 

Tip: Don’t use too much exertion; it will bend or tear the mesh.

How to clean Beats PowerBeats Pro?

If you are wearing PowerBeats Pro while running or in the workouts, keep in mind that avoid any sweat or liquid contact with the microphone. And to clean the Beats PowerBeats, you need to get wet wipes to properly clean and erase the sweat or dirt marks. After rinsing adequately on the secure-fit ear hooks, you clean it with the microfiber cloth.

How to clean White Beats ear pads? 

As the white color attracts more dust and becomes pale, it’s better to clean them regularly. Keep your beats clean by following these instructions. 

  • Always keep your ears clean and washed before wearing white Beats.
  • Use the wet swabs to clean any dust or dirt after gym sessions.
  • Fiber cloth is excellent for cleaning and drying the headphones completely.

Tip: Be sure to avoid aerosols, cleaning spray, and abrasives.

Are Beats Studio buds sweat resistant?

Yes, The Beats Studio Buds are sweat resistant. They work fine when sweating, but you need to clean them right after the session to avoid any electrical damage or mic malfunctioning. 

It is a good idea to clean Beats wireless earphones after they are in contact with liquid, including sweat from a workout. You can use fiber cloth or wipes to clean them properly to keep them intact.

Final Thoughts

We have provided you with a detailed guide on Cleaning Beats Headphones from sweat. Moreover, from requirements to tips, we made it possible to cherish our readers with the most authentic cleaning procedures for their Beats headphones. Just follow the steps and store your Beats in a dry place.

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