The PlayStation 5’s compatibility with previous-gen consoles is a major selling point. With this, you can use your PS4 controller with your PS5, and play PS4 games from discs or digitally if you have a disc-based PS5.

It’s important to note that the PS4 controller isn’t the only PS4 accessory out there; the PS4 headset is another option. In light of this, many people are curious if PS4 headsets are compatible with the PS5 controller.

Do PS4 Headsets Work On PS5?

A number of PS4 headsets are compatible with the PS5, so there’s no need to shell out more cash if you already have one. The official PS4 Gold Wireless Headset, as well as its more expensive sibling, the Platinum Wireless Headset.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600/700, a popular third-party headset for the PS4, is compatible with the PS5.

If you already have a third-party headset for the PS4, chances are it will work, but compatibility can’t be guaranteed. Make sure to check the headset’s compatibility with your device before purchasing it.

However, when using the PS5 with a PS4 headset, not even Play station’s official PS4 headsets will work with the companion app.

How to Connect The PS4 Headset to Your PS5?

We’ll go over the steps required to link your PlayStation 4 headset to your PlayStation 5 system. These two wireless headsets for the PS4 are known as the Gold Wireless Headset and the Platinum Wireless Headset, respectively. As was also mentioned up top, third-party PS4 headsets may be usable; these should plug into the system either via the audio jack or the USB dongle it ships with.

Plugging in either the Platinum or Gold Wireless Headset for PS4 (both of which come with a USB dongle) to your PS5 is a breeze. The PlayStation 5 comes with four USB ports across its two different versions, the Digital Edition and the Standard Edition.

A USB Type-A Hi-Speed port is located on the front of the PS5, and a USB Type-C Super speed port is located directly below it. The PS5 has two USB Type-A Super speed ports on the system’s rear. Regardless of any other distinctions, all of these ports offer a transfer rate of 10GB/s.

While any of these USB ports can be used to connect an external storage device, the USB Type-C port is especially well-suited to this purpose. Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter which USB port you use to connect the Platinum or Gold Wireless Headset included USB adapter; the headset’s functionality will be maintained to a similar degree regardless of which port you employ.

The PS5 should recognize the USB adapter as soon as it is plugged in and turned on. A small icon in the upper right corner of the screen will indicate its presence. PS4 headsets are represented by this icon, and their remaining battery life will be displayed alongside it.

An on-screen indicator of the headset’s status should reflect changes made to the headset via buttons like the mute/unmute switch. However, the PS4’s UI will differ slightly from the PS5’s, which displays all of the necessary data all at once.

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What to Do If Your PS4 Headset Isn’t Connecting to Your PS5?

First, check to see if the PS5 is actually sending sound through your PS4 headset. To do this, open the Settings menu, click Sound, then click the Audio Output tab, followed by the Output Device selection, and finally double-check that your PS4 headset is selected as the output device.

Keep in mind that you can’t use the headset companion app with the PS5, as it isn’t compatible with the system. A significant contributing factor is Sony’s removal of the PS4 headset companion app from the PlayStation Store. So, while the PS4 headset companion app may work on the PS4, it is not available for download on the PS5. This is a major setback, as the companion app made it simple for programmers to make PS4 headset-compatible config files for specific games.

The most common solution is to unplug the USB dongle for the headset and restart the PS5.

Is It Worth Sticking with A PS4 Headset?

There are a few main factors that influence someone’s decision to not update a given product. When comparing the Gold and Platinum PS4 headsets to the Sony Pulse 3D headset, for instance (the official PS5 headset). The headset is not noticeably more feature-rich than PS4 headsets, at least not to the point where it is an absolute must-buy. Despite this, the headset is actually quite reasonably priced.

Those who own a PS5 and are torn between purchasing and using the PS5 headset or the PS4 headset will appreciate this article. If you can’t get your hands on a PS5 headset, or if you already own a Platinum or Gold model, then by all means use that instead. After all, if the three headsets are not significantly different from one another, it may not be worthwhile to purchase a PS5 headset to replace your PS4 headset.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does PS5 require a specific headset?

You can use any stereo headphones or earbuds with the PS5’s 3D Audio. The PlayStation 5 itself, and not the headphones, is responsible for the audio soundscape’s production. The PS4 has a 3D audio system that is the opposite of this. Sony’s official Platinum or Gold headsets were required for this to work.

Do you have to use a PS5 headset on PS5?

Thankfully, the answer is no; however, the Pulse 3D is a decent pair of headphones with some perks for gaming, such as a noise-canceling microphone. However, the same advantages can be gained with other types of headphones.

Can you connect any headphones to the PS5?

The PS5 lacks built-in Bluetooth, but any Bluetooth headphones can be connected via a Bluetooth Transmitter. The only sound to the headphones will be transmitted; the microphone will be inoperable. However, the settings must be correct every time.

Can you connect AirPods to PS5?

Fortunately, that can be avoided with the help of a suitable Bluetooth adapter. To use your AirPods with a PS5, you will need a Bluetooth adapter that is compatible with the device. Connect it to the console’s USB port and activate pairing mode on your AirPods and the dongle

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