Do you like to wear bone-conduction headphones? If yes, you must know their handling with bandanas or glasses. These headphones are trendy music gadgets, and everyone wants to try them out. But, Can You Wear Bone Conduction Headphones With Glasses? 

Bone conduction headphones are easily wearable with glasses. The headset sits near the temple bones and adjusts behind the head; it does not insert inside the ears. In addition, the open-ear design provides you with what is happening in the surroundings to carry out outdoor activities easily. 

People with hearing loss can now enjoy quality music with Bone conduction headphones; they have become lifesavers. This article covers a description of wearing Bone conduction headphones with glasses. Moreover, in what order is the wearing of glasses with headphones prescribed mentioned?

How Do You Wear Bone Conduction Headphones with Glasses?

How Do You Wear Bone Conduction Headphones with Glasses

Wearing Bone conduction headphones demands little precautions when you get along with them with glasses. Since both headphones and glasses share the same spacing, such as on the curves of the ears, there are two ways to wear them. 

Either you wear glasses first or headphones later or vice versa; the only difference is that if the glasses have their turn next to Bone conduction headphones, you will get better audio quality. 

The reason is that glasses frames hold the arms of the headphones and set them well near the bones. Hence, the more the transducers are closer to the bones, the more transmission of the vibrations to the brain.

I follow simple steps to wear bone headphones with glasses and find no tightness around my ears. You can also adopt these steps for a better fit.

  1. Proceed with placing the bone headphones first against the cheekbones while the transducers rest near the temples on the outer ear.
  2. Grab the glasses and position the arms above the ears
  3. Make adjustments if needed so that glasses and headphones share an equal area on the above surface of the ears.

Can You Use Bone Conduction Headphones if You Wear Glasses? 

Glasses do not let things go in the right direction are the thoughts of many. Some chances are that wearing glasses with headphones for a long time causes headaches or exerts pressure on temple bones. But you can still wear glasses with headphones. 

You have to make some adjustments, and you are good to go to see clearly and listen carefreely. Suppose you can’t help without glasses and music listening is also your priority. So, what are the required adjustments? First things come first; try switching the order of the headphones’ headband. For example, position them on the top of the head or down the neck.

Another factor to consider is the shape of the glasses, as thick frames are more prone to tighten the ears’ surface. In this regard, choose glasses with thinner frames or straight arms when wearing Bone conduction headphones. 

Remember that headphones only go well with the clamping force. So, pick headphones that do not tighten your head or are not too loose to make headphones fall everywhere. Of course, the comfort level also counts when adding glasses to the ears’ curves.

Bone Conduction Glasses

Bone Conduction Glasses

Still, trying to decide what to use or what not? Listening to music does not cost you to bear the pain. So avoid the headphones and get your hands on Bone conduction glasses. These are assigned to do the dual task. 

Firstly, you can hear ambient sounds through open eardrums. Secondly, protecting the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays is no longer a tension. In addition, the glasses also work precisely as headphones in the form of glasses and connect to TV, laptops, mobile phones, or other Bluetooth-equipped devices.

Can you wear glasses with Aftershokz? Optishokz Revvez is the Aftershokz-manufactured bone conduction glasses. The intelligent gadget comprises 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity, a voice assistant activation, or IP55 waterproofing. So, take advantage of headphones features manifested in spectacles.

Bone Conduction Prescription Glasses

Bone Conduction Prescription Glasses

Prescribed glasses are helpful to keep a check on vision. But now you can enjoy the features of smart glasses in your prescribed ones. These devices provide wireless connectivity, a microphone for clear calls, or voice assistant activation. 

The open audio technology of Bose Frames Audio sunglasses is perfect for combining with prescribed lenses. Moreover, the additional features, such as a microphone on the right side touch control panel, are incredible. If you carry them in rain droplets, IPX4 waterproofing makes it possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Wear AfterShokz With Glasses?

The best way to wear them is to try experimenting with the order in which you plan to place the glasses and the headphones over your head. Consider switching the headphones around if placing them over the glasses is uncomfortable. Place the headphones moving forward or backward on your head.

Can you Wear Bone conduction headphones while Driving?

While driving, the focus must be on the roads to avoid danger. Thus, bone conduction headphones provide an open-ear design and efficiently deal with traffic horns or screechy noises. The open ear is ready to listen to what is happening outside without pausing the music in the background.

How do I make my glasses not hurt with headphones?

Glasses and headphones only come along for a short time. The only alternative is to switch the places of both to get a more comfortable fit. Position glasses first or headphones later is your choice. However, you can also adjust the position of the neckband more forward or backward.

What are the Disadvantages of Smart Glasses?

Smart glasses are trendy inventions, but they don’t get deserved fame mainly because of their delicate structure or hefty price. These glasses are of no use unless not connected to any device.

Can I Wear Open-Ear Wireless Sport Headsets With Glasses?

Indeed, you can. The headphones are a perfect fit and offer a pleasantly enjoyable and unforgettable experience while wearing them with glasses. They are used as alternatives to in-ear earbuds and over-ear headphones and are worth a try.

How To Reduce Chances of Hearing Loss?

You make sure that you use the bone conduction headphones responsibly and efficiently. Don’t increase the volume too much for an extended time to be safe and minimize the chances of disability.


Wearing glasses does not create a mess with Bone conduction headphones. Once you learn how to get accustomed to headphones or glasses simultaneously, there will be no going back. In this article, I have mentioned an answer to whether you can wear Bone conduction headphones with glasses. In addition, the alternative is quite beneficial for the bespectacled.

Try to be cautious in how you wear them; wear the headphones after the glasses so you can decide on the comfortable order. Primarily, they work better when worn under the frame of the glasses.

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