Finding the perfect headphones can be challenging for a music lover and adventurer like me. But when I discovered Best Waterproof Bone conduction headphones, I knew I had struck gold. These headphones use bone conduction technology to deliver amazing sound quality while keeping me aware of my surroundings. 

And with their waterproof design, I can keep the music pumping, whether swimming laps, showering off the sweat after a workout, or exploring a new trail in the rain. If you’re looking for a way to take your music on your wildest adventures, waterproof bone conduction headphones are an absolute must-have.

Our Recommendations On Best Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones

IKXO Bone Conduction Headphones Waterproof (Best Overall)
  • IKXO bone conduction Headphones
  • Waterproof Headphones
  • Lossless Sound
  • Upgrade Titanium Bluetooth Headset
  • Open Ear Wireless Headphones 
  • IKXO Buy with Confidence
Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones (Budget Pick)
  • Bone Conduction Headphones
  • IP68 Level Waterproof for Swimming
  • Bluetooth and Mp3 Player
  • High-Fidelity Sound with Mic
  • Long battery life
Mojawa Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones (Editor’s Choice)
  • Better Bass & Sound Quality
  • Less Echo & Sound Leakage
  • Double Safety
  • 8H Non-stopped Music & Calls
  • fortable & Convenient
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Best Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones Comparison Table 2023

IKXO Bone Conduction Headphones Waterproof

IKXO Bone Conduction Headphones Waterproof


IKXO Bone conduction headphones, aka Swimming headphones, brings the Exquisite gift box, bone conduction headphones, delicate USB data cable, silicone tape, noise reduction sponge earplugs, swimming earplugs, and manual.


My first impression of IKXO Bone conduction headphones was that they were premium. The high-strength memory titanium alloy frame is flexible and durable, and I appreciate that it can be bent and stretched without deformation. 

The open-ear design was a unique feature of the IKXO Bone Conduction Headphones, and it allowed me to enjoy my music while being aware of my surroundings. The design could benefit from further enhancements to ensure optimal music listening in noisy environments.

When testing the 5.0 Bluetooth, the Bluetooth connectivity worked well in most situations, and I did have some issues with signal dropouts when using the headphones while exercising outside. Some users may seek a more reliable signal for their specific needs, which could be an important consideration On the other hand, Panadia Bone Conduction Headphones come with the same Bluetooth 5.0 but at a much lower price than IKXO with IPX67 waterproofing.

The sound quality of the IKXO Bone Conduction Headphones was excellent, with clear and stable calls thanks to the built-in noise-canceling mic. The stereo sound with deep bass was also impressive and made for an enjoyable listening experience.

The headphones are IPX8 rated, which means they’re suitable for immersion in water up to 3 meters deep. In my experience, the headphones held up well during swimming and other water-based activities, and I had no issues with water damage.

The MP3 mode was a convenient feature for swimming, allowing me to enjoy my music without relying on Bluetooth connectivity. However, it’s worth noting that this mode requires users to load music onto the device with 16GB memory before swimming, which could be inconvenient for some.

What are the advantages of buying IKXO Bone Conduction Headphones Waterproof?

Following are our (Me or My Team Members’) Positive Observations:

  • It is very convenient to listen to music while relaxing in the hot tub without worrying about my headphones getting wet and still listening to what is happening around me.
  • These headphones are the perfect solution if you have extremely sensitive hearing or have never been a big fan of earphones since they don’t go in your ears but rest close to them.
  • You can also enjoy swimming as they have an MP3 player in which you can download and listen to thousands of songs.
  • If you want swimming headphones with a great battery backup, these headphones are the best swimming bone conduction headphones.

What are the reasons to avoid purchasing the IKXO Bone Conduction Headphones Waterproof?

Here are our (Me or My Team Members’) constructive observations regarding these headphones:

  • Regrettably, additional enhancements are required to ensure compatibility with sunglasses or reading glasses. The competition for space behind your ears is tight when you have reading glasses or sunglasses on with these headphones. Even though glasses can be worn, headphones will be less secure and often fall off or slide around.
  • As a default, the MP3 player is selected. If it were a Bluetooth device, it would be a lot easier.
  • The availability of replacement cables is essential to avoid any inconvenience caused by misplacing or losing the cable.
  • Before you can plug in the charging cable, you must remove a tiny screw from the jack. Ensuring the safekeeping of that tiny screw is essential for enabling underwater use of the headphones.
  • Each of the control buttons has at least two functions. Regrettably, options for preventing accidental headphone restarts are somewhat restricted in case of tapping the wrong button. Getting used to it takes time.
• Exceptional battery backup
• Mp3 player for underwater
• Bluetooth V5.0
• Extremely lightweight
• Expensive
• Cannot use them with sunglasses

Final Verdict

I have reached the final verdict, with IPX8 waterproof tested, Built-in music memory, and Bluetooth 5.0, making them the Best swimming headphones.

Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones Bluetooth

Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones Bluetooth


LeBoomon Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones offer great budget options, and I bought them to test. Upon unboxing, I received Bone Conduction Headphones, an Adjustment line, Earplug, a USB cable, and Instruction Manual.


I was very impressed by the waterproof design of the LeBoomon Bone Conduction headphones. I wore them while swimming laps in the pool, and they held up extremely well. The IPX8 rating ensured they remained completely waterproof, even submerging in water in my swimming classes. The design also made them easy to clean and maintain after each use.

Regarding connectivity, the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity was seamless and easy to set up. I could connect my phone and other devices to the headphones quickly and easily. But if you prefer a more stable connection, you may look for CXK Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth, which comes with Bluetooth 5.3.

Regarding sound quality, the LeBoomon headphones delivered a clear and balanced sound experience. However, the sound offered a unique and distinct quality, showcasing a different listening experience compared to traditional in-ear headphones. This may be fine for some, but it is worth noting for those who require high-quality sound for music or other audio.

The built-in 16GB MP3 player was a nice feature, allowing me to store my favorite songs directly on the headphones for easy access without bringing my phone or other devices. The user interface for the MP3 player was easy to navigate and use.

The headphones also have a microphone, making it easy to take calls or communicate with others without taking them off. The microphone was clear and effective in picking up my voice.

Further, while using and testing the battery of the LeBoomon, I found that the Standby time of 12 days and playtime of around 8 hours was fully justified. 

What are the advantages of buying Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones Bluetooth?

Following are our (Me or My Team Members’) Positive Observations:

  • In terms of waterproofing, these bone-conduction headphones worked great.
  • Having a 16GB music player is nice, so I only sometimes need to have my smartphone connected to it when I’m playing music.
  • I like that you have nothing in your ear yet still get the noise-canceling benefits.
  • It is also worth mentioning that they remained in place very well.
  • Also, these headphones offer a unique acoustic experience while submerged in water.
  • I found these headphones very simple to use and was satisfied with their performance. These waterproof headphones gave me a whole new perspective on the swim workout.

What are the reasons to avoid purchasing the Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones Bluetooth?

Here are our (Me or My Team Members’) constructive observations regarding these headphones:

  • There is a great deal of sound bleeding at half-volume and beyond.
  • These headphones are best suited for individuals with smaller head sizes, but need further improvements for big head sizes.
  • One feature I wished these bone-waterproof headphones had was a shuffle mode to enhance the music listening experience.
• Good battery backup
• Exceptional sound
• MP3 player
• Exceptionally waterproof
• Bluetooth 5.0
• Not adjustable
• Excessive sound bleeding

Final Verdict

With an optimum battery life of 8 hours, impressive IPX68 waterproof ratings, and smooth connectivity, LeBoomon headphones come in the Best Budget Waterproof headphones.

Bone Conduction Headphones, Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

Best Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones


DYCROL Bone conduction headphones combine sound fidelity and novel tech. I bought it as a budget option. It comes with a Bone headset, cable, and user manual. 


The surrounding titanium design of DYCROL Bone Conduction headphones is also a nice touch, as it can be bent 360° at will, improving the lifespan of the earphones and making them suitable for extreme sports. So, overall my first impression of the DYCROL Bone Conduction headphones is pretty impressive.

The Bluetooth 5.0 mode also worked well, with faster pairing and more reliable connections, and I had no issues with sound lag or audio transfer during my testing. The longer transmission distance of up to 33 feet from the audio source was also a plus, allowing me to enjoy greater freedom of movement.

Testing IP68 dustproof and waterproof rating, which is the highest dust and water resistance level. I tested this by wearing them while running in the rain and was pleased to find that they held up perfectly, with no water damage to the device. At the same time, look for iKanzi Bone Conduction Headphones that offer the same features as IPX68 at half the price of DYCROL Bone Conduction.

I also wore them while swimming, which was a great experience, as the headphones remained in place and delivered a clear audio experience. The 8GB memory MP3 mode was another impressive feature, allowing me to leave my phone behind during light exercises and still have access to various music formats and audiobooks. 

The battery life of 8 hours is decent enough to get you through long training sessions without worrying about downtime. In addition, magnetic charging is quite a plus point that brings convenience.

The bone conduction technology, while interesting, didn’t deliver the same level of audio quality as traditional headphones. Furthermore, the vibrations simulating music have the potential for further enhancement to better align with my initial expectations regarding their effectiveness.

What are the advantages of buying Bone Conduction Headphones, Wireless Bluetooth 5.0?

Following are our (Me or My Team Members’) Positive Observations:

  • These waterproof bone conduction headphones can be bent 360 degrees at will, providing a longer lifespan that can suit all your extreme sports activities.
  • You do not have to carry your phone around when you want to do light exercise, and these waterproof headphones can support a variety of audiobook formats and a range of music formats.
  • Their faster transmission speed ensures that audio lag will be minimized to the minimum, and the transmission speed of both music and phone calls will be faster. Also, due to the longer transmission distance, users can enjoy more freedom as it allows distances up to 33 feet away from the audio source.

What are the reasons to avoid purchasing the Bone Conduction Headphones, Wireless Bluetooth 5.0?

Here are our (Me or My Team Members’) constructive observations regarding these headphones:

  • The sound of these headphones is loud, but the sound quality could be better, especially for music lovers.
  • The microphone of these waterproof headphones is not so special, but it will work for you.
• Fine battery backup
• Loud sound bones headphones
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Exceptionally waterproof
• MP3 player with 8GB storage
• Sound quality is OK

Final Verdict

As a sports enthusiast who regularly enjoys hiking, running, and cycling, I was excited to try the DYCROL Bone Conduction headphones. After testing them in various scenarios, they are a solid choice for anyone looking for a durable and versatile audio accessory.

Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones

Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones


I bought AfterRuenz waterproof Bone Conduction headphones for their waterproofing and controls. I got a Bone Conduction Headphone, Ear Plug, USB Cable, and User’s Manual after unboxing.


My first impression of AfterRuenz waterproof headphones was optimum. I got my hands on these Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones for testing, and I was pleasantly surprised by their unique design and functionality.

The IP68 level waterproof rating was a major selling point for me, as I love to swim and was excited to listen to music while doing so. I tested the headphones out in the pool and found that they worked perfectly well, though I did need to switch to the MP3 mode to avoid any issues with the Bluetooth connection.

The Bluetooth 5.0 chip provided a strong and fast connection, and I had no issues connecting to my phone or laptop. I also appreciated the built-in 16GB MP3 player, which allowed me to store music directly on the headphones and listen without needing to connect to another device. 

However, the controls for the MP3 player are finicky and take some getting used to. On the contrary, I have used Relxhome Bone Conduction Headphones with 32 GB of built-in memory. 

Regarding sound quality, the AfterRuenz Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones provided a clear and crisp listening experience. The bass could have been stronger, but I was happy with the sound quality overall. The volume could have been louder, especially in noisy environments, but I could still hear my music.

The battery life was also impressive, and I could get around 6-8 hours of playtime on a single charge. The headphones also have a standby time of 10 days, which is a great feature for those who don’t use them daily.

One of the downsides of the bone conduction technology is that the headphones are not particularly discreet, and I did receive a few curious looks while wearing them in public. Furthermore, for individuals with smaller faces, the earpieces’ substantial size might require consideration in terms of suitability.

What are the advantages of buying  Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones?

Following are our (Me or My Team Members’) Positive Observations:

  • Compared to what I had expected, these headphones were much more comfortable than anticipated. Additionally, they are easy to use as well. 
  • Most of the time, they will automatically connect as long as no other Bluetooth devices around them may interfere with the connection.
  • During workouts or swimming, I find the back of the headphones to be hassle-free, as they neither pull my hair nor get in the way. 
  • I never have to adjust these headphones while running. I can push the headset’s button when I want to switch songs, adjust the volume, or pause. Those who dislike wearing earbuds in their ears will appreciate this product.

What are the reasons to avoid purchasing Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones?

Here are our (Me or My Team Members’) constructive observations regarding these headphones:

  • The battery backup of these headphones could be better, but it is also not less.
  • Another feature I would have appreciated is the ability to shuffle songs, as it holds significant importance for me.
  • Loading songs was very easy, but you must be tech-savvy enough to avoid some problems.
• Easily adjustable
• Skin-friendly material
• Bluetooth 5.0
• Lightweight open air design
• Average battery backup

Final Verdict

I have used it for my running routines; the battery life of around 6 to 8 hours, good connection, and effective IPX rating make these headphones the best waterproof Bone conduction headphones for running.

Open Ear Headphones, Wireless Bone Conduction Headset

Open Ear Headphones,Wireless Bone Conduction


VEIERSIA Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones are famous for their multiple features. Upon unboxing, I received great Special Earbuds, Exquisite Headphones Bag, User Manual, and Charging Cable.


My first impression of the VEIERSIA was toyish. But with the numerous features and quality experience, I changed my mind. Upon testing for waterproofing, I found that the IP68 waterproof rating was also a big draw, as I enjoy swimming and other water activities. In contrast, the headphones held up well during my swims and suffered no water damage.

The latest Bluetooth 5.1 chip also provides a stronger and faster connection, making it a versatile and convenient option for users. Although the headphones offer a single-device connection at a time, unlike some of its competitors.

The voice assistant function and built-in microphone were convenient features you usually don’t find in competitors like CHENSIVE Bone Conduction Headphones. During phone calls, there was room for improvement in achieving clearer sound transmission, and at times, the assistant voice function surpassed my expectations in terms of seamless performance.

The two modes, SD card, and Bluetooth, were a nice touch, allowing me to listen to music directly from the headphones without needing additional equipment. The built-in MP3 player would benefit from further user-friendly enhancements and a clearer interface to maximize its potential. I would greatly appreciate some assistance in enhancing the Bluetooth connection’s stability, as occasional dropouts have been a bit frustrating.

What are the advantages of buying Open Ear Headphones Wireless Bone Conduction Headsets?

Following are our (Me or My Team Member’s) Positive Observations:

  • The headphones are invaluable for a swimmer, and I am about to compete in my first triathlon, so this is one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever acquired.
  • If you want Decent sound quality, these are the best waterproof bone-conduction headphones.
  • Low-cost phone connection headphones do not have microphones, but these headphones have a microphone, so you can call without the phone.

What are the reasons to avoid purchasing Open Ear Headphones, Wireless Bone Conduction Headsets?

  • Here are our (Me or My Team Members’) constructive observations regarding these headphones:
  • While the battery backup offers up to good 5 hours of usage but needs further improvements if someone wants to enjoy extended outdoor listening.
  • The charging cable that comes with these waterproof headphones is slightly different, so maybe you won’t get the cable again, so don’t miss it.
• Good sound quality
• Good price range
• MP3 included
• Bluetooth 5.1 for stable connection
• Different type of charging cable
• Relatively less battery backup

Final Verdict

Suppose you are looking for Bone conduction headphones with numerous features like voice assistant, IPX68 rating, and optimum Bluetooth connectivity. In that case, VEIERSIA Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones are the best in business in this price range.

Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones – Bluetooth Open-Ear Headphones

Bluetooth Open-Ear Headphones


Mojawa Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones bring out the layered listening experience, and to test it, I bought it and received a Bone headset, Reflective Strips, ALULA, Magnetic Charging Cable, Earplug, and Manual.


My first impression of the Mojawa headphones was satisfactory. The 360-free bending design accommodates all activities, but I did notice some discomfort after extended use. Over time, with regular use, I have observed a gentle sensitivity in my ears. The silicone earplugs that come with them helped, but it’s still something to keep in mind if you’re planning on wearing them for a long time.

Regarding the IPX rating, which is very important when selecting a waterproof Bone headphone, I found the IPX67 rating justified. However, compared to headphones like Shokz OpenSwim, it still needs that impact, but upon price comparison, it does. 

I’ve been trying out the Mojawa Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones for a few weeks now, and I’m digging them. The sound quality is top-notch, and the bass is super impressive, making my music come alive. Isn’t it wonderful how we’ve transitioned to speaking calmly over the phone?

The ALULA reflective strip is also a nice touch, providing me safety during nighttime runs or cycling. The reflective strip on the back is a cool little touch that adds some extra safety when I’m out running at night. And the battery life is solid – I can get 8 hours of use out of them on a single charge.

What are the advantages of buying Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones – Bluetooth Open-Ear Headphones?

Following are our (Me or My Team Members’) Positive Observations:

  • In particular, these are bone headphones for people who want to keep their ears open while listening to music, and once you wear the earplugs, you will be amazed not only by the crystal sound details but also by the fuller stereo and the deeper bass.
  • It is worth mentioning that these headphones have good battery life. In most of my cases, I get more battery life than what they state they offer.
  • When the battery is running low, I charge the device for 5 minutes, allowing me to use it for an additional 2.5 hours. 

What are the reasons to avoid purchasing Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones – Bluetooth Open-Ear Headphones?

Here are our (Me or My Team Members’) constructive observations regarding these headphones:

  • The buttons require a slightly firmer touch to activate. Optimizing the placement of the power and volume-up buttons would enhance the overall user experience, making them more user-friendly and accessible.
  • These bone headphones offer a certain level of water resistance, which means they are suitable for use underwater but should be used cautiously for prolonged periods.
• Exceptional audio quality
• Good battery backup
• Fast charging
• Highly reflective ALULA strip
• Extremely Flexible
• No fully waterproof

Final Verdict

With ALULA reflective strips, optimum battery life, and Bluetooth connection, I found Mojawa one of the best underwater Bone conduction headphones. Still, much better options are now in this price range, offering a pretty IPX rating.

Maleroads Swimming Sports Headphones IP68 Waterproof Bone Conduction

Maleroads Swimming Sports Headphones IP68 Waterproof


Maleroads has a very premium kind of touch, and to test the premium quality, I bought Maleroads Swimming headphones. It comes with headphones, plugs, cable, and a manual.


Firstly, the IP68 waterproof feature is excellent. I used these headphones while swimming and didn’t experience any issues with water damage. They also stayed secure in my ears and didn’t fall out, even during more rigorous workouts.

However, I found that the open-ear design took some time to get into a flow. Although it was enjoyable to remain aware of my surroundings, the sound quality could have been enhanced for a crisper audio experience akin to traditional headphones. It also took adjusting to find the right volume level to hear my music without being drowned out by the surrounding noise.

I could pair the headphones with my phone effortlessly, and the Bluetooth 5.3 connection remained stable throughout my use. I didn’t experience any interruptions or dropouts, even when moving around. The headphones also have a good wireless range, so I can keep my phone in my bag or pocket without any issues.

On the positive side, the battery life was impressive. I could get around 8 hours of use before recharging the headphones, which is enough for most workout sessions. The magnetic charging feature was also convenient and made keeping the headphones topped up easy.

Additionally, while using the MP3 player mode, I noticed a few opportunities for further enhancements that could positively elevate the overall user experience. The instructions for downloading music could be clearer, simplifying the process of transferring music files to the headset’s memory card.

The MP3 player’s support for music in MP3 format and 16GB capacity could be further enhanced to match the Ray-JrMALL Bone Conduction Headphones, which offer 32GB storage and broader file format support.

What are the advantages of buying Maleroads Swimming Sports Headphones IP68 Waterproof Bone Conduction?

Following are our (Me or My Team Members) Positive Observations:

  • Aside from the cable quality, the magnetic alignment system aligns the cable in a way that permits charge and data transfer in a reliable manner.
  • Despite the fact that this is an out-of-ear and bone conduction system, the sound quality is excellent regardless, and the underwater sound quality has greatly improved as well.
  • Even under water the system buttons work correctly, so Alexa can be used to answer calls, stop, forward, backward, play music, etc.

What are the reasons to avoid purchasing the Maleroads Swimming Sports Headphones IP68 Waterproof Bone Conduction?

Here are our (Me or My Team Members’) constructive observations regarding these headphones:

  • The microphone quality is not the best, but it works for calls.
  • The material used for these waterproof bone conduction headphones could be further improved to enhance their overall quality. The primary advantage of these bone conduction headphones lies in their cheap prices. As with many products, investing more can often yield higher quality results.
• Good battery backup
• Magnetic charging cable
• Cheap bone headphones
• MP3 player included
• Average material quality

Final Verdict

After testing each feature in detail, I found that impressive battery life, stable connectivity, and high-rated waterproofing make the Maleroads one of the Best Bluetooth Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones.

Gogailen Bone Conduction Headphones

Gogailen Bone Conduction Headphones


Gogailen Bone headphones bring the best quality waterproofing, and upon unboxing these headphones, I got Bone Conduction Headphones, USB Cable, and User’s Manual.


When it comes to waterproofing, the IP68 waterproof level is simply outstanding. I can swim with the headphones on without worrying about water damage. The ultra-light materials make the headphones comfortable to wear for long periods.

With the Bluetooth 5.3 chip upgrade, I experienced a more stable connection and no delay 

while using the headphones. The built-in 32GB memory is another great feature allowing me to store over 3000 songs, so I don’t need to carry other devices while running, or swimming.

Furthermore, It can store a vast amount of music and supports various lossless music formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, APE, and FLAC. This is an advantage over some of its competitors, which may only support a limited number of audio formats.

While testing the battery life – while the headphones claimed up to 10 hours of continuous use, I found this was closer to 8 hours which is impressive. This was still enough to get me through a long workout, but it did mean I had to remember to charge them after each use. 

The magnetic charging upgrade is a major plus; not only does it make charging easier, but it also enhances the headphones’ waterproof capability.

As someone who loves listening to music during workouts and outdoor activities, the Gogailen Bone Conduction Headphones, with their upgraded features, were a perfect fit for me. The HI-FI sound quality is amazing, and I can enjoy my music without distortion. 

What are the advantages of buying the  Gogailen Bone Conduction Headphones?

After a thorough evaluation, my team and I recommend that Goglailen Bone conduction headphones need improvements for being the ideal choice for individuals seeking significant noise isolation and complete waterproofing.

  • They bring the hi-fi sound quality you don’t see in the competitors.
  • It brings amazing battery life, and magnetic charging is also very convenient.
  • Bluetooth version 5.3 is the latest one that brings stable connectivity.

Why should you not buy Gogailen Bone Conduction Headphones?

My team and I concluded that you should not buy Goglailen Bone conduction headphones if you want Noise isolation and complete waterproofing. I tested that they are good for workouts but not for swimming.

• I found battery life very remarkable.
• The IPX68 rating is justified for workouts.
• I found connectivity up to the mark – less lag/latency.
• The sound could have been more bassy.
• It only skips the mp3 music, and it can’t shuffle.

Final Verdict

With a price below 100 bucks, you get effective Bluetooth connectivity, better battery life, and Built-in considerable, making these a pretty impressive choice of the best Waterproof Inductive Bone Conduction headphones.


Waterproof Bone conduction headphones are not difficult to find but can be challenging to find at a good price. The best waterproof bone conduction headphone gives you good battery backup and has an mp3 player.

Our interest in waterproof bone-conduction headphones for swimming stems from the fact that they need improvement in Bluetooth performance underwater. Another thing you should always ensure of that the bone conduction headphones you buy are compatible with glasses. The biggest reason for this is that we have to use glasses in the sun during running or any physical activity and underwater for swimming.


 Are bone conduction headphones waterproof?

Some bone-conduction headphones are waterproof, but not all of them. It depends on the specific model and its manufacturer’s specifications. It is important to check the product description or consult the manufacturer to determine if a particular pair of headphones is waterproof.

How do I listen to music while swimming?

To listen to music while swimming, consider using bone-conduction headphones or waterproof earbuds. You can also explore waterproof Spotify Music Players, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, or mini tablets. Ensure proper waterproofing and follow manufacturer instructions for your chosen device.

Can I use AfterShokz while swimming?

While not all AfterShokz models are suitable for swimming, models like AfterShokz Swim and AfterShokz Xtrainerz are specifically designed to be used underwater, making them waterproof and suitable for swimming activities. However, it’s important to note that models like Aeropex are not intended for underwater use.

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