There has been a never-ending debate about the practicality, advantages, and drawbacks of bone conduction headphones.

If you are doubtful about getting the new pair of headphones, and wondering if there are any added benefits of getting bone conduction headphones, then this guide is for you.

In this blog post, we have compiled all the benefits that you can get by using bone conduction headphones.

Advantages of Using Bone Conduction Headphones

The bone conduction headphones come with a wide range of benefits ranging from environmental awareness to a solution for people with hearing aids.

There are numerous benefits of using bone conduction headphones, and we have explained these benefits in complete detail below.

Environmental Awareness

The normal headphones cut off your connection with the outer world. This is a major drawback for people traveling on the roads, and streets. Regular headphones get straight into your ear, which blocks the outside noise, and you can enjoy your music at its best.

It may sound like a positive factor of the conventional headphones, but it is a life hazard for people who are working on the streets. The bone conduction headphones are best for athletes, cyclists, jogging people, and much more who are on the streets and want to get themselves noticed of the surroundings.

In this way, you can enjoy your music, and at the same time, be aware of the surrounding. So, if you are jogging, you can hear up an emergency call for a stop, responded to your colleague while listening to your favorite tunes, and get yourself compliant with the factory guidelines as you listen to your obsessive playlist.

Summing it up, contrary to the regular headphones, you can enjoy music while doing your stuff, and still have the awareness of your surrounding, which is an absolutely amazing feature.

Perfect for People with Hearing Aid

Perhaps, the best part about the bone conduction headphones is their working mechanism, which allows you to enjoy your music if even you have a hearing disorder.

In particular, patients with bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA) cannot enjoy sound through normal headphones. With the usage of bone conduction headphones, those people can also enjoy music.

By now, you must be wondering how. Well, unlike regular headphones, bone headphones transfer sound through vibrations directly into the inner ear. So, even if you have a problem with your outer ears. You can still enjoy music.

Moreover, these headphones are also a right fit for people, who cannot wear headphones for an extended period of time due to medical complications, as these headphones do not need to be put on the ear.

No Hygiene Issues

Regular headphones go straight into your ear canals, which is a pretty unhygienic place with ear wax (yuck), and a lot of other contaminants as well. This may sound very weird to you until your headphones are full of wax.

This problem gets worsened when there is more than one person using the same headphone, as you are sharing the dirty headphone over, and over again. This can headphone to ear infections, and hurt your personal hygiene as well.

On the other hand, the bone conduction headphones go onto your checks and transfer the vibrations directly into your inner ear. So, there are no chances of dirty headphones and personal hygiene issues.

This makes the bone conduction headphones a lucrative pick who interchangeably use their headphones.

Snug Fit

If you are tired of the regular headphones which fall off your ears pretty quickly, and you have nothing much to do about it, don’t get worried, the bone conduction headphones have got you covered.

The bone conduction headphones are fitted on the cheeks. So, there are no fitting issues associated with the headphones. This comfortable fit feature makes the bone conduction headphones a reliable pick for jogging, exercising, cycling, and a number of other sports where you need tunes to rock it.

In short, if you are tired of your conventional headphone’s fitting issues, give the bone headphones a try, and you won’t be disappointed.


If you are not impressed by the style of the conventional headphones that sit right into your ear canals, then these headphones are a try, and you and everyone around you will be impressed with how cool these headphones look.

Style is one of the many reasons that these headphones are becoming so popular in the modern age. So, if you are looking for stylish headphones, these are a sure shot.

Completely Wireless & Waterproof

Last not last, bone conduction headphones are wireless, and completely waterproof, which makes them an ideal pick for athletes who have sweating issues.

The working mechanism of the bone conduction headphones work completely differently compared to the normal headphones, which not makes them wireless, but also fully waterproof, allowing you to use these headphones wherever you want, and however you want, which is a fantastic feature to have.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Benefits of Bone Conduction Headphones?

There are various benefits of using bone conduction headphones, as they increase environmental awareness, offer better hygiene, offer a snug fit, and also come in very handy for people with hearing aids.

Do Bone Conduction Headphones Feel Weird?

No, the bone conduction headphones do not feel weird. Instead, people do find bone conduction headphones very stylish. Thus, you will notice a bunch of people wearing bone conduction headphones nowadays.

Do Bone Conduction Headphones Cause Hearing Loss?

No, the bone conduction headphones do not cause any hearing loss. Instead, they are a right fit for people with a hearing aid, as the headphones can allow them to enjoy the sound.


Bone conduction headphones come with various benefits. These headphones offer a comfortable fit, offer superior sound performance, and environmental awareness. Also, bone conduction headphones are great for people with hearing aid.

All in all, the bone conduction headphones are fantastic and offer exceptional performance making them one of the most popular types of headphones on the planet.

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