I have been using Beats Solo 2 for about two months, but the only downside of upgrading to Beats Solo 3 is the battery life. It comes with almost 40 hours of battery life which is much more than my previous solo 2 headphones’ 12 hours of battery life. Is this only a feature that intrigues me? No, many Beats Solo 3 Hidden Features crossed my eyes and impressed me a lot that I will discuss here. 

Unlike other headphones, Beats headphones provide immersive sound quality that sets them apart from the competition. This article will outline the key and hidden features that make these headsets superior to others in this price range.

Beats Solo 3 Hidden Features | Everything You Need to Know

It came in a sturdy box when I unboxed it, and the carrying was simple. The Accessories of Beats Solo 3 include the Auxilliary cable with an inline controller, the USB power cable, a carabiner, and the manual or user guide. 

Set up and Pairing

Set up and Pairing

Next, I paired my iPhone with it, and the process was smooth and straightforward. When you look into the side, there is a power button you need to press for 5 seconds that will lighten up the fuel gauge. That shows it is ready to pair; if you have the new version of iOS installed, it will simply pop up on the screen and connect it. 

Tip: Keep pressing the Power Button until it pops up on the screen.

On the other side, if you are using android, you need to turn on the pairing mode, go to the settings, and turn on the Bluetooth. After that, find a new device and connect the Solo 3.

Beats Solo 3 App 

Beats Solo 3 App

When you get connected with Beats Solo 3 three, you can download the Beats Solo 3 App. It will bring the convenience of:

  • One-touch pairing with your phone.
  • You can easily find and locate your Beats Solo 3
  • You can get to know the firmware updates and product widgets.

Beats Widget: You can quickly look at the battery life, noise cancellation control, and transparency control.

Top-Notch Features 

It comes with top-grade quality features that most don’t come in this price range. The key features include:

  1. After complete charging, you will get 40 hours of listening time.
  2. It comes with Class 1 Bluetooth and the Apple W1 chip that brings quick connectivity and huge battery life.
  3. There is a micro USB port for charging.
  4. Fast Fuel makes it undisputed with just a 5 minutes charge that allows you to listen for 3 hours.
  5. It comes with proper noise isolation to provide spatial audio quality. 
  6. A 3.5mm aux jack is available to connect devices that don’t support BT.
  7. You can use multiple controls by pressing the beats logo and the volume up and down button.

Hidden Feature: You can press and hold the Beats logo to activate Siri for your assistance.

Are Beats solo 3 good for running? 

After using it under different stressed situations and doing its beats solo 3 workout review along with running and found out that the design is pretty durable and can withstand the running pressure. Moreover, battery life is a plus point that makes it a good choice for running.

The adjustable and cushioned ear cups that are entirely comfortable and foldable make it quite a choice. Before running, you can connect it with your Apple or Android devices, and the W1 chip keeps the connection solid and undistorted.  

Is there noise Cancelling on Beats Solo 3?

Beats Solo 3 comes with spatial audio quality, with an adequately tuned acoustic mechanism that enhances sound quality when it comes to sound quality. Generally, it does not come with a noise-canceling feature; you can hear the surrounding noises that can disturb your listening experience. 

Do Beats Solo 3 have Transparency mode?

The automatic noise cancellation ANC and transparency mode takes care of the external noise in the best possible way to produce the most satisfying listening experience. It is a premium feature, it does not come in the Beats Solo 3, but you can achieve this feature in the Beats Solo Pro headphones.

Are my Beats Solo 3 waterproof?

No, Beats Solo 3 does not come with waterproof capability, and it does not accompany proper water resistance to the sweating. It does not comprise the IPX ratings that show the device’s endurance against water and soggy situations. Surprisingly, the carrying case of Beats solo 3 is waterproof, so if it rains, then it will keep your jamming device safe and protected.

Beats Solo 3 Not Connecting | Troubleshooting 

If you are pairing your Solo 3 and you are not able to connect it with your smartphone or other devices, then you need to follow these steps:

  • First, analyze the distance between your Beats and smartphone – it should be within 30 feet.

Tip: Keeping both devices away from other Bluetooth devices, wireless networks, and other electrical equipment will prevent the devices from interfering.

  • Now check whether devices are discoverable or not.
  • Cross-check whether both devices are charged or not.
  • You can forget the device in the phone and start the pairing process again.
  • If everything fails, try Reset of the Beats solo headphones by holding down the volume and power button for about 10 seconds until the fuel gauge blinks.


The Beats Solo 3 is undoubtedly one of the most credible choices for battery life; that is a whopping 40 hours of listening time. But, it could be a little better when it comes to sound experience and dealing with frequencies. Certain features are genuinely fascinating, like Siri and control and the Fast Fuel. Take advantage of the long-lasting battery of your Beats Solo 3 and enjoy your favorite music.

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