Bluetooth is so convenient that it helps you avoid all sorts of annoyance wire tangling brings. Beats wireless headphones offer a brilliant wireless connection with external devices, but sometimes it happens that Beats Not Showing Up on Bluetooth of my smartphone. Does it happen to your Beats also or not? If you have encountered such issues, don’t worry; I got you a quick solution to get your connections back. 

In this article, you will know the possibilities and reasons that your Beats are not showing up on your external device. In addition, we will discuss the essential solutions that you can adopt to avoid such annoying experiences. 

Why are my Beats not showing up on Bluetooth?

Why are my Beats not showing up on Bluetooth

If your smartphone or any external audio source cannot connect or find your Beats, then there will be some potential reasons. The reasons include:

  • Your Beats headphones and audio source is not the proximity of 30 feet.
  • The firmware is not updated, which hinders the connectivity.
  • Your headphones are not fully charged.
  • Your external audio source may require an upgrade.
  • The hardware issues or faulty devices could be the reason.

Fixing Beats Not Showing Up on Bluetooth Mac

Beats Not Showing Up on Bluetooth Mac

When you face issues related to Bluetooth connectivity then, you need to troubleshoot the process. It will get everything back working again, and then you can enjoy your favorite music.

  1. Keep the Beats headsets and your audio source in the proximal range – of 30 feet.
  2. Then go to the System preferences and select the Bluetooth settings.
  3. Look for already paired devices, and then find your Beats headset.
  4. Unpair them from the list afterward.
  5. The next step is to pair it again with Beats headsets.
  6. The most obvious step is to RESET your headphones and connect your Beats again.
  7. Better look for the MacBook upgraded version.
  8. If everything goes in vain, you can try contacting Apple Support.

Beats Not Showing Up on Bluetooth Ipad | Troubleshooting 

The first thing you need to do is keep both devices in the proximal range. After that, better turn on the Beats headsets and put them in the pairing mode by pressing the power button for a few seconds. Now forget all the paired devices of the Ipad and clear down the list.

You can turn on the locations, and it helps other devices to find yours. Go to the list and connect again. It mainly solves the issues. If not, then you need to go for the reset option. For resetting – press the volume down and power button together for almost 10 seconds till the white lights start flashing. Then, pair your iPad again, and it will do the job for sure.

Why Beats Not Showing Up on Bluetooth iPhone?

Why Beats Not Showing Up on Bluetooth iPhone

If you face any trouble connecting your Beats headsets, there are possible issues, including that they are not close to each other. The old models of iPhones show some glitch where you become unable to pair a new Bluetooth device, so you need to forget all the paired devices and then pair it again. 

Sometimes the firmware is not updated, leading to no show up of the Beats headphones to your audio source. In addition to these, if the battery of the Beats headphones is not charged or less than 20%, it will most probably not connect or show up.

How to connect beats solo 3 to iPhone?

I connected my Beats Solo 3 to my iPhone 12. All you need is to turn it on and make it ready to pair. By going to the Apple settings and selecting Bluetooth settings, you can select the Beats Solo 3 and pair it and listen.

To get in-detail insight into connecting Beats Solo 3 with iPhone, you can read our extensive brief on How to connect solo 3 to iPhone.

Final Thoughts

Keeping all the issues related to Beats headphones connectivity, we have provided you with the comprehensive troubleshooting of the Beats Not Showing Up on Bluetooth with iPad and MacBook Pro. Furthermore, we have elaborated the process to connect Solo 3 to iPhone.

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