In the era when technology allows for a wide range of entertainment options, gaming headsets are essential in driving the overall gaming experience. Choosing the right headset is the final piece of the puzzle after selecting your favorite games and excellent graphics.

Choosing the right headphones can be challenging due to the wide range of brands, features, and models available. Most experienced users (and professional gamers) who have a good understanding of the various models available consider the Astro A40 and Astro A50 to be high-end gaming headsets.

The Astro A40 and Astro A50 are two of the best-released high-quality gaming headsets out there, so we will review them here. Each of these headphones has its pros and cons. So let’s discuss each one separately.

Astro A40 vs. A50 Comparison Chart

ModelAstro A40Astro A50
Weight  0.82 lbs0.8 lbs
Noise CancellingNoNo
Transmitter Required  NoYes
OS Compatibility Not OS specificNot OS specific
Lowest Frequency20 Hz20 Hz
Highest Frequency24000 Hz20000 Hz
Volume Control  YesYes
Microphone Control  Mute/UnmuteMute/Unmute
Channel Mixing YesYes
Additional Controls  Presets + Surround SoundPresets + Surround Sound
Impedance48 Ohms48 Ohms
Virtual Surround Dolby 7.1Dolby 7.1
Microphone StyleBoom /Detachable BoomBoom
Microphone patternUnidirectionalUnidirectional
Battery Type No BatteryRechargeable
Total Battery Life N/A17.5 hrs
Charge Time N/A4.4 hrs
Battery Level IndicatorNoYes
Power-Saving Feature NoAuto-Off Timer
Audio While Charging NoYes
Passive Playback Passive HeadphoneNo
Charging Port  Nonemicro-USB
neodymium magnetYesYes
App Name Astro Command CenterAstro Command Center
Bluetooth Version No BluetoothNo Bluetooth
Base/Dock Wired USB dockWired dock
USB Input YesYes
detachable cableYesYes
Cable Length1m1m
Stereo SpeakersYesYes
Passive Noise ReductionNoYes
Compatible with PlayStationYesYes
Compatible with XboxNoYes
Warranty Period1 Year1 Year

Differences Between The Astro A40 And Astro A50

  • Astro A50 is a gaming headset that uses wireless technology.
  • Compared to the Astro A40, the Astro A50 costs a little more.
  • A versatile Mixamp Pro is included with the Astro A40.
  • There is a detachable microphone on the Astro A40 but a fixed microphone on the Astro A50.
  • There is a built-in mix amplifier in the Astro A50.
  • As compared to the Astro A50, the Astro A40 has more interchangeable components (Mod Kits)
  • The Astro A50 has a base station, whereas the Astro A40 can be used as a stand-alone device or with a MixAmp Pro TR.
  • There is a Bluetooth feature on the Astro A50, whereas none on the Astro A40.

There are sometimes clear differences between certain models, but sometimes the best gaming headsets are the ones that fit your exact preferences and offer the features that matter most to you.

To find out which is the best match for your gaming needs, let’s compare the features of the A50 and A40.

Astro A40 vs. A50 Descriptive Comparison

Design and Build

Their looks are almost the same; they have the same gaming vibe design. Moreover, they look like headsets that a DJ would wear at a music festival and a set in a recording studio.

The ear cups are soft fabric, can be interchanged, and have large pads to prevent any unnecessary noise from distracting you while you are playing.

They also have two mod kits (sold separately), so you can replace the headband and customize it according to your preference.

The A50 headset has a charging dock, so you won’t have to plug it into any household outlet. In terms of dimensions, the Astro A40 measures 8 inches long, 7.75 inches wide, and 3.75 inches high.

This gaming headset weighs 0.80 lbs, which is heavier than some gaming headsets (around 0.50 lbs), but it is durable and comfortable at the same time.

Astro A50 comes with a base station and is a fully wireless headset. Astro A50 headsets cannot be purchased without the base, but you can buy additional bases if you wish. Additionally, the base station works only with the Astro A50 model with which it is paired, not any other previous versions.

It is powered by a single-cell, lithium-ion, rechargeable battery. It has a 20-month standby battery life and a 15-hour active battery life.

Even though the Astro A50 weighs 0.83 lbs, it is no less comfortable and wearable than the Astro A40. With a length of 8.5 inches, a width of 4.25 inches, a height of 1.15 inches, and a weight of 0.70 pounds, the base station is compact and lightweight. Astro A50’s base station charges via USB Micro-B.


These two gaming headsets will not cause you any discomfort. With the Astro A50, the most comfortable experience comes from its wireless design, which allows you to lean back easily while playing. Compared with the Astro A50, the Astro A40 is a little lighter; the ear pads are padded well, and you can rotate and tilt the headband to suit your preferences.

Comfort should always be considered when choosing a gaming headset, regardless of performance and features.

Because you will likely be wearing the headset for several hours, this is an important consideration. An uncomfortable headset will quickly become unusable, and you will have to purchase another pair.

Even though the A40 is about 40 grams lighter than the A50, they weigh only around 300 grams. Despite being a bit heavier than some lower-quality headsets, most users will find it comfortable and convenient.

The top and earpieces of each model are heavily padded with comfortable foam padding, making them snug and comfy simultaneously. Unlike other headsets, the advanced design of both models evenly distributes the headset’s weight so that no particular area of the headset causes irritation.


Metal, plastics, and artificial leather make up the A50 and A40, so you can be assured they are sturdy and durable, particularly the adjustment system as it contains stainless steel metal, so any constant adjustment or bend will not break it.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is great on both headphones, and there is no noticeable difference in sound performance between them. Featuring 40mm drivers, each speaker provides superior sound quality with clear audio effects and pristine audio quality.

These gaming headsets can deliver excellent sound because of the 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Its high-quality sound output makes it easy to immerse yourself in video games and movies. Both Astro A40 and A50 offer excellent sound quality.

There is Astro Audio V2 on the Astro A40 and Astro Audio V2 immersive audio on the Astro A50. The A40 has good acoustics sound and balanced gaming sounds. Astro A50 has better bass sound quality than Astro A40, while Astro A40 lacks some of those bass sounds. Low volume issues are present in the Astro A50.

There may be an occasional sound drop or slight delay with the A50 since it is a wireless headset. A low battery will affect the quality of the sound generated by the Astro A50. Gamers and streamers who require an external mix amplifier will find the A40 ideal.

In addition to adjusting the sound volume, they can manipulate the EQ presets and perfectly balance the game sound and voices.

Wired vs. Wireless Gaming Headset

Depending on your reasons for choosing a headset, this feature can make a significant difference. With the Astro A40, you have a wired headset, while Astro A50 is a wireless headset. The convenience and comfort of using a wireless headset while gaming is undeniable since no wires are involved, and you can move around freely.

It is also important to note that wired and wireless headsets can have a different impact on the quality of sound for many headset models, depending on their quality and overall build. A40 and A50, on the other hand, appear to be unaffected regarding sound quality and wired/wireless compared to some other budget models.

The importance of this feature when choosing between the two models will largely depend on your personal preferences. It is important to remember that you may also use the headphones for other purposes besides gaming, watching movies, and listening to music.

If this is the case, your freedom to move around in a room could be a significant factor in your decision. With A50 being wireless, you can move around a lot in your house without being restricted by the headset wire, which makes it more convenient than Astro A40. This unit has a wireless range of 49 feet and a frequency of 2.4 GHz, making it easy to listen to your favorite music artist while waiting for your fellow squad members to join.


With a fully charged battery, the A50 should last approximately 15 hours, depending on how it is used. If the battery runs low, the headphone will sound a low beep, indicating less than 20 minutes of battery life left.

It has a lithium polymer, a single-cell type of battery. When idle or inactive for thirty minutes, it will automatically turn off. A50 wireless uses Radio Frequency signals instead of Bluetooth technology for a broader range of signals up to 30 yards.

Compared to the A40 wired headset, the wireless headset has more issues like unsynchronized audio, random disconnects on devices, and difficulty connecting to wifi.

As the A40 is wired, you plug it in, and it’s ready to go. It’s not quite as convenient as the A50, but you won’t have to worry about dead batteries and recharge them or your headset running out of power in the middle of a game or movie.

Color and Style Customization

Usually, gaming headsets require a unique look, and Astro offers excellent customization options. There are three different tones available for the Astro A40, which are:

  • The black color with blue overtones
  • The black color with red overtones
  • The X-edition has a sporty look with sports red and black overtones on the earcups and headband.

Moreover, the A40 also comes with magnetic Speaker Tags, which you can choose from a variety of special editions or personalize yourself if you’re buying from the website, and you can change Speaker Tags between headsets. Because they simply snap onto the headset, changing them is effortless. Astro A50 comes in the following styles:

  • The black color with gold overtones
  • The black color with grey overtones


The two units are compatible with most gaming systems, including PlayStation 4, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. However, if you want to use the voice chat feature for the Xbox 360, you will have to connect a small cable from one of the earpieces to the control unit despite the A50 being wireless.

This is probably not a big issue for most users, but it might not be very pleasant if you’re expecting a wireless experience and find this out after purchasing. You must install the A50 and A40 drivers before using the headset. It is a straightforward and fast installation process. A50 uses a different technology (RF Signals) than a40, so it has extra features for Windows 10, Macs, etc.


There is a removable microphone on the Astro A40, whereas there is a fixed microphone on the Astro A50. Compared with A50, A40 produces a brighter, sharper, and clearer sound. Using A40, you must speak loudly to hear your voice properly since it has a volume issue. However, it does have the benefit of eliminating all unnecessary background noise.

Additionally, it has a detachable and replaceable microphone that can be positioned in any direction at any time. The A50, on the other hand, is flatter and voice isolating, and its frequency will automatically be reduced once you begin speaking. In addition, it has a flip-to-mute feature.

If you play competitive games or stream online, you should always get a separate microphone since headset microphones don’t deliver clear recordings.

The Astro A50 headset has a flip-mute microphone on the side, which automatically mutes your microphone when you flip it up.

In addition to having a flatter sound than the Astro A40, the Astro A50 also has voice isolation, which eliminates background noise so others can better hear your voice. Compared to the Astro A50, the Astro A40 has a removable mic and better clarity and sound, and the detachable mic can be connected to any of the earcups. An Astro A40 mod kit also includes extra microphones, earcups, and speaker tags. Astro A40 has a small dongle on the wire that lets you toggle between a muted and unmuted mode for the microphone.

Sound Customization

Astro Command Center software is compatible with both headsets, allowing you to customize presets and sound effects. EQ presets can be adjusted, your microphone sidetone can be changed, and you can customize streaming audio to the desired volume. The presence of an advanced equalizer further enhances the customization of the headsets.


Each unit has the same control functions, including mute/unmute, mixer, and volume adjustment. The attached microphone on the A50 can be moved up or down to mute or unmute the headset.

Microphones are muted when they are up and away from your mouth and unmuted when they are down and in front of you. The Astro A40 comes with an external Mixamp Pro that uses digital Dolby surround sound; you may manipulate the overall sounds using the mix amp, whereas the Astro A50 comes with an internal mix amplifier.

Extra Features

You can modify the headpieces of both headsets to filter background noise when playing in loud spaces like tournaments or game houses using Mod Kits. You can easily convert the open-back headset to a noise-isolating closed-back one.

There are more pieces in the A40 Mod Kit, so its price is higher. The box includes noise-canceling ear cushions, a voice-isolating microphone, a padded headband, and closed-back speaker tags. In addition to green, blue, and red, it also comes with a special Call of Duty design.

In addition to noise-canceling ear cushions, the A50 Mod Kit includes a padded synthetic leather headband that is both stylish and comfortable. You can only use this with the A50 Gen 4.


Due to its wireless capability, the Astro A50 is more expensive than the Astro A40. You are better off spending more on the additional feature if you have a bigger budget.

Additionally, you can upgrade the headset to its full potential with the mod kits that improve its noise-canceling abilities, speaker tags, voice-isolating microphone, and padded headband.

What Is In The Box?

Astro A40 TR headphones

  • Astro A40 TR headphones
  • MixAmp Pro
  • 1/8″ TRRS cable
  • Daisy chain cable
  • USB to micro-USB cable
  • Optical cable
  • Manuals

Astro A50 TR headphones

  • Astro A50 Gen 4 headphones
  • Micro-USB to USB-A charging cable
  • Base station
  • Optical cable
  • Manuals

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In addition to considering the price, you should consider whether or not you will need a wired headset. A50 is a good choice for console gamers who prefer to sit back while playing or watching movies. It has an excellent audio, but the price is higher than its competitor.

It is designed for hardcore gamers who don’t want to worry about battery life and want a good gaming headset with wires. You need a MixAmp Pro to add a remote control to the headset; otherwise, it has great customization capabilities and good audio.

Astro A50 is the best option if you don’t care about budget and prefer wireless. Although the headset has a 15-hour battery life, you won’t use it for 15 hours at a time, and when you aren’t using it, you’ll naturally place it in the base charger to keep it charged.

In conclusion, The A50 is the best wireless option, while the A40 is a well-tested wired option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are A40s louder than A50s?

The Astro A40 features Astro Audio V2, while the Astro A50 features Astro Audio V2immersive audio. The A40 has a great acoustics sound and a balanced gaming sound. Astro A50 has better bass quality than Astro A40, while Astro A40 lacks some of those basses. Low volume is a problem with the Astro A50.

What headset is better than Astro A50?

You can use the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless as either wireless or wired gaming headphones, making them more versatile than the Astro A50 Gen 4 Wireless 2019.

Can I use the A40 MixAmp for the A50?

With its Base Station, the Astro A50 largely performs the same function as the A40 MixAmp, although in a much more streamlined fashion. It still connects to Astro Command Center, but note that you cannot use a MixAmp and A50 simultaneously with Command Center.

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