The answer to this question, “Are bone conduction headphones worth it” has two sides. It totally depends on your headphone usage, your needs, and the desire to try out different technologies, you may choose bone conduction headphones over traditional headphones. In most individuals’ opinion, these types of headphones do not qualify as necessities; however, they can be of some help in certain situations.

For those who are familiar with bone conduction headphones, these headphones provide a sense of alertness. For instance, if you are a cyclist, a runner on the road, or even a construction worker, you can use these headphones for awareness of your surroundings.

Also, it is beneficial for swimmers who use waterproof bone headphones, as well as people with hearing loss and people with skin irritation or other vertigo issues that may prevent them from wearing regular headphones.

But if you want to buy bone conduction headphones for listening to music, then you will not get the sound quality that you need. Even if some bone conduction headphones have a very good sound quality and also bass, you will still not be able to find deep bass in these headphones.

Best Use of Bone Conduction Headphones

The majority of bone conduction headphones are used for sports purposes rather than for listening to music, and its best use of them. Why?

  • Because they keep your ears open, that is why you can’t enjoy music as you do in traditional headphones, but this disadvantage is an advantage in sports.
  • Because they are very comfortable to wear since they are not placed in the ear. Also, these headphones are effortless to wear because of their ergonomic design, which makes them incredibly stable and allows for more comfortable wearing.
  • Because the otitis media sufferers, as well as people with small ears, may not be able to fit in-ear headphones comfortably, so bone conduction headphones are a great option. 

It should be made clear that wearing any other traditional headphones or bone conduction headphones for an excessive period of time is a sure way to damage one’s hearing. However, the bone conduction earphones are not as damaging to the hearing as other types of earphones since their design does not allow it.

If you use bone conduction headphones, it is highly unlikely that they will cause damage to your eardrum because the sound is not transmitted through the eardrum, and most hearing difficulties currently exist because of damage to the eardrum. So from this perspective, I believe that it is reasonable that bone conduction headphones can offer protection against noise to the human ear.

Overall, we can say that bone conduction headphones are worth considering for any activity involving safety concerns like running on the road, cycling, exercising, working on construction sites, etc.

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