The companies who manufacture bone conduction headphones advertise them as the “alternative to regular headphones and awareness of surroundings at the same time” to take the marketing edge. However, in terms of awareness, it’s true, but you can’t rely on the bone conduction headphone’s sound quality for music. The straightforward answer to this is because bone conduction headphones do not fit inside the ear, so the sound does not go directly to the eardrum. That is why there is no base in the sound.

But you see, you don’t need a voice base to make a call, and it’s just a pointless thing. On the contrary, the absence of a base will increase the quality of the call, and that’s a good thing.

No matter what the companies say, the bone conduction headphones are not suitable for music in terms of sound base and many other aspects, but they are great for calls.

But one thing you should keep in mind is that bone conduction headphones do not fit directly in the ear; therefore, their sound is also low. This is why you may have trouble calling in noisy areas.

Another problem is that the battery backup of bone conduction headphones is lower than that of the traditional headphones or earbuds. But some premium quality bone conduction headphones can give you a good battery backup. But the problem is that those premium bond connection headphones are twice expensive as regular headphones, and some are even more expensive.

So it is good that you buy bone conduction headphones only if you know that you will not go to the noisy area frequently or live in a busy street.

If you work in a construction company where there is a lot of noise all the time, you may find it difficult to call – if you look at the benefits, you will know the surroundings. So I think it’s better to buy the bone conduction headphones if you work in a construction company or at a place where you need to keep an eye on the right and left at all times so that you do not get into an accident.

I also had a pair of bone conduction headphones to listen to music, but I did not like the music sound quality even though I bought the premium bond conduction headphones. 

However, there is no park around my house, that’s why I go jogging on the road in the morning. But you know that day or night, if you walk on the road, there will be traffic. After using the bone conduction headphones for a long time, In my opinion, the advantage of bone conduction headphones is that you can hear the surroundings and you can call and also listen to music if you don’t have much problem with music quality. The big thing is, YOU ARE SAFE.

Moreover, I am 100% sure that while calling, you will not feel that the quality of the call is low, but you will get good quality even if you buy a medium range of bone conduction headphones.

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