Beats is undoubtedly a premium headphone brand and have been manufacturing quality Beats headphones for quite some time. While running a music production house for a couple of years, I have mastered different aspects of recording.

Particularly the headphones, I have used different headphones for recording, including Beyerdynamic, Sony, Audio-Technica, and Beats, along with numerous experiments. So, as a newbie, if you are asking me: Are Beats good for recording music? Then, this guide is your answer.

I will elaborate on the Beats headphones’ proper functionality and significance in this guide. Moreover, there will be a brief guide to choosing the headphones for recording music. Additionally, you will know the list of headphones that you can rely on for recording later in the article.

Are Beats Studio 3 good for music production?

Are Beats Studio 3 good for music production

At the start of my music recording and mixing career, I did try different headphones to get the optimum and desired results. I used the Beats Studio 3 for its noise canceling features, a vital requirement of music production. 

The Beats headphones were over-the-ear designed, and the ear cups were comfy for me also. When I made its connection with the mixer that time, the Class 1 Bluetooth via the Apple W1 chip was pretty good, and I was initially satisfied with the performance. But, as I started knowing about the vocal issues, vocalist experiences changed my whole perception of headphones.

If you are using closed-back headphones, it means you are unaware of the surroundings and will face pitch problems. On the other hand, if you are using open-back headphones, that will bring optimum pitch, but the mics will catch the bleed, and there will be noise. So, these qualities were not that prominent to me regarding Beats Studio 3. 

It is vital to ensure studio headphones have flat frequencies and that the pads or cups are correctly sealed to prevent bleeding. Contrary to this, the Beats headphones have more bass, and the cups are not adequately sealed to prevent noise.

So, from personal experience, I would not recommend Beats by Dre for professional productions. But, if you are a beginner or amateur, you can count on it to some extent, but for proper music recording, you better get professional headphones.

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How to choose Headphones for recording music?

How to choose Headphones for recording music

If you want to ensure a clean recording, consider these factors before choosing studio headphones.

Flat Frequency 

Regular headphones like Beats produce bass and unnatural effects that turn the audio very unclear, so we need flat frequency headphones. You can achieve high levels of accuracy with professional studio headphones. You will be able to hear everything you will record, which will help you control every sound that comes through the mic. 


Wireless or wired connectivity methods are used nowadays. Still, wired is my preference as it makes it more on time and avoids any latency while recording music. Bluetooth is no doubt getting better and better but still wired a way much better than all.

Wearing Comfort

It takes much time to record some tracks; you must retake them repeatedly to get the perfect shot. So, getting those headphones that fit perfectly and bring more comfort while wearing them is better. The clamps, cushions, and cups’ adjustments are also kept in mind.

What headphones are good for music production?

What headphones are good for music production

There are differences in the market nowadays if you are looking for the best headphones for music production. It would be best if you kept in mind to specify the requirements and better know what you are looking for. The headphones that have earned their names with the quality they provide are the Sony MDR-7506 and Sennheiser HD 650, which I strongly recommend because of their finesse. 

What is better Beats or JBL?

What is better Beats or JBL

Beats is known for its multicolor style and for providing the bass while listening to pop music. The features like noise canceling and a better Bluetooth connection are two of the main features that I like the most. The main downside of Beats headphones is that they are very pricey, and the build quality of the studio headphone is not upto the professional standard.

Typically, JBL headphones deliver a balanced sound with a lot of features. JBL provides the most affordable headphones. They are pretty good at connectivity and work great with my TV. Although cheap, their build quality is quite optimum, and their design is not always comfortable.

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Final Thoughts | Are beats for studio recording?

When it comes to performance and quality music listening experience then, Beats headphones are one of the best in the business. But, if you ask me about the Beats headphones for the studio recording, I suggest you look for other headphones. Beats are not that perfect for recording because of their bassy sound quality, which is unsuitable for studio recording. You can look for the other best headphones for recording vocals to get your job done.

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