When we make purchases, we naturally wish to purchase the best product. Although many products are available, choosing the best is not easy. Because of this, the best studio headphone has been a topic of debate for a long time.

Several people have debated whether the AKG K701 or AKG K702 studio headphones are better. Both of these AKG headphones are great for studio mixing and critical listening. The question on people’s minds is, “Which one is better?” Many people are interested in getting answers to this question. Keep reading to find out what the answer is!

AKG K701 vs. K702 Comparison Chart

ModelAKG K701AKG K702
Noise CancellingNoNo
ControlsNo ControlsNo Controls
Transmitter Required NoNo
Microphone Style No MicrophoneNo Microphone
Battery Type No BatteryNo Battery
Passive Playback Passive HeadphonePassive Headphone
App Support No AppNo App
Bluetooth Version No BluetoothNo Bluetooth
Base/Dock No Base/DockNo Base/Dock
Detachable CableNoYes
Adjustable headbandYesYes
Stereo SpeakersYesYes
Driver Unit Size45mm45mm
Tangle Free CableNoYes
Cable Length3m3m
Lowest Frequency10Hz39800Hz
Highest Frequency10Hz39800Hz
Impedance62 Ohms62 Ohms
Sound pressure level105dB/mW105dB/mW
Active Noise CancellationNoNo
Pssive Noise ReductionNoNo
neodymium magnetNoYes
Purpose of HeadphonesGaming and MixingGaming and Mixing
Water resistanceNoNo
ColorsMaroon, Grey, SilverBlue, Black, Silver
Warranty Period2 Years2 Years

AKG K701 and K702 Descriptive Comparison


You should choose the AKG K701 if you want comfortable and bulky headphones. Even though it is not the best option for outdoor activities, it has excellent soft padding to give you maximum comfort.

There is an adjustable headband strap that adjusts automatically based on the shape and size of your head. The durability of these headphones is quite good if it is well maintained.

The AKG K702 also features circular ear cups that are well-padded. Because of this, they are highly comfortable. With the self-adjusting headband, you won’t have to worry about pressure on your head. Additionally, its bulky design makes it unsuitable for physical activities.

The weight and dimensions of both headphones are the same. Moreover, the two look almost identical and have an old-fashioned look. Their big ear cups are covered in suede-like fabric, making them attractive. A notable difference is that the K702 comes in two colors; silver and navy blue.

Other advantages of the K702 make it a better choice. Moreover, you can replace ear pads, and the cable can also be removed. Excellent build quality is evident in the AKG K702 and K701 headphones.

There are many moving parts in these AKG headphones, so they are susceptible to damage. The users of these two headphones are concerned about this issue. Because neither of them comes with an inline mic or a remote, you should learn how to use them for mixing.

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Build Quality

Although the AKG K701 has many moving parts, its build quality is decent. The headphones can handle a large amount of physical stress due to their dense ear cups and flexible headband.

There are many moving parts on the headband for the adjustable padding. In this way, the headphones may be susceptible to wear and tear, causing them to be damaged.

AKG K702 has a decent build quality. A dense ear cup design and a flexible headband allow them to withstand above-average physical stress.

Despite this, the headband has many moving parts to adjust the padding. These are possible points where wear and tear could damage the headphones.


It is very comfortable to wear the K701 headphones. Their lightweight design and well-padded ear cups are perfect for most ears and surprisingly lightweight for their size. The headphones don’t fatigue the ears during prolonged listening.

AKG 702 headphones are very comfortable. In addition to the large ear cups that fit comfortably around most ears, the headband is designed to not be too tight around the head.

Some listeners might find them too large and bulky, but they provide a comfortable listening experience that won’t leave them sore after long periods.


Audio equipment is judged by the quality of its sound. The AKG K702 and K701 headphones are designed specifically for studio mixing and critical listening. As opposed to some headphones, these don’t have an additional boost. Both of these pieces of studio equipment have exceptional sound quality.

Both headphones have noticeable differences when compared. Most reviewers and users agree that AKG 701 has good bass, an excellent midrange, and unmatched treble. The K702, however, has a superb midrange, good bass, and noble treble.

Who has the better performance between the two?


The K702 produces a low bass, unlike the K701. Low bass creates a punchy sound. Thus, the AKG K701 offers an exceptional bass performance.


Having a reasonable sound balance is essential to get a perfect sound. The AKG K702 headphones are better for musical instruments like acoustic guitars since they have a better low midrange than the K701. In comparison with the K702, the K701 offers a better mid-range sound.

The K701 can’t provide a perfect high-range sound because it has a higher mid-range. With the K702, the mid-range doesn’t mix up with the mid-bass, which preserves its clarity. When compared with the AKG K701, it offers a better low mid.


Low treble is emphasized in both headphones for a more detailed sound. In particular, this is crucial for lead instruments and vocals. AKG K701 headphones have a better mid-treble, which makes them sound sibilant. These two headphones produce clear sounds with similar treble.


For sports or outdoor activities, these headphones are not recommended. During physical activity, the ear cups will sway and slip off your ears, and if the cable is hooked on something, it will pull the headphones from your head.

If you use these headphones while running, they may fall off your head easily. They’re not designed to be worn during sports but instead can only be worn during casual listening sessions. While exercising, even mild physical activity will cause the ear cups to sway and slip off your ears.

Noise Isolation 

You should also consider this feature when shopping for studio headphones. The first step is to determine the intensity of environmental noise. Soundproofing your home studio will be necessary if you live in an environment with a lot of noise to benefit from these two sophisticated AKG models.

K701 provides inadequate isolation. The AKG K701 does not isolate below 1KHz due to its open-back design. Above that, their isolation is about 12dB, which isn’t very good. Its performance is poor when it comes to leakage. Most of the leakage is spread between 200Hz and 20KHz, which is quite a wide range. Those around you can hear the leakage of the K701 because the leakage is quite loud overall.

K702 also provides poor isolation. Because of their open-back design, these headphones do not isolate below 1kHz. In the above 1kHz range, there is a 3dB/octave roll-off, which means outside noise can’t be blocked effectively. Its leakage is poor. The leakage profile of these headphones is narrower than most open headphones we’ve measured, even though they’re loud and leak a lot. In contrast to most open headphones, the leakage roll-off above 4kHz is unusual.


It is difficult to carry these headphones, as they are big, bulky, and not portable. Due to their retro headband, they are pretty bulky, and since they cannot be folded into a more compact shape, they will be challenging to carry around on your person without a bag. There is no case or pouch included in the kit, which is a bit disappointing.

Like the AKG K712 PRO, the AKG K702 is a big, bulky headphone that is not portable. These headphones don’t fold up more compactly, nor do their earcups lay flat to save space. In addition, the headband is quite large, making these headphones cumbersome and only suitable for backpacks. I was also disappointed to discover that no case or pouch was included.

What Is In The Box?

AKG 701 Headphones

  • AKG 701 Headphones
  • 1/4″ to 1/8″ Adapter

AKG 702 Headphones

  • AKG K702 headphones
  • 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter
  • Audio cable
  • Carrying pouch
  • Manual

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Compared to the AKG K701, the AKG K702 is slightly better, but overall they are very similar. There is a detachable cable on the K702 that can be replaced easily if damaged, so they are a bit more durable and better-made, but that’s about it.

These two models aren’t that different so most people won’t hear any difference between them. K702 has a powerful bass and a more vibrant, transparent midrange key. As far as mixing down tracks is concerned, these features do an excellent job. AKG K702 is a great option if you are tossing your mind between the two models of AKG. I wish you luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AKG K702 good?

AKG K702 headphones provide excellent sound quality for neutral listening. Besides being comfortable, they reproduce tracks with a high level of fidelity. They have well-balanced bass, mids, and treble, and they have a spacious soundstage thanks to their well-designed, large, and open ear cups. An amp and high-resolution audio will make them sound great.

How good is the AKG K701?

The sound quality is excellent for neutral listening. These headphones have a perfect audio reproduction and are highly comfortable to wear. These headphones have a well-balanced bass, mids, and treble, and their open ear cups give them a spacious and immersive soundstage.

Which AKG headphones are made in Austria?

In Austria, this version of the K701 was made. There is only one owner.

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