Are you a user of Aftershokz headphones, frustrated by the beeping noise they produce? Well, I have been in your shoes, and the excruciating beeping sounds used to get on my nerves. There were beeping endless interruptions while enjoying my music, taking crucial phone calls, and video conferences. 

Worry no more! After a lot of experimentation, I have come up with easy-to-follow troubleshooting steps that will ease your journey toward a seamless audio experience.

Why is My Aftershokz Beeping? 

Aftershokz headphones may beep due to multiple reasons. Some models, with limited water-resistance ratings, can experience beeping caused by liquid seepage under the controls. This is typically due to buttons short-circuiting.

You can solve this by powering off your Aftershokz and letting them air dry in a ventilated space. 

While often it makes a slight beep while performing specific functions which you should look to get out of the suspicion,

For shorter beeps, here’s a breakdown of their corresponding functions:

  • Play/Pause: Single beep
  • Next/Previous Song: Single beep
  • End Call: Single beep
  • Increase/Decrease volume: Single beep
  • Answer call: Two beeps

Aftershokz Headphones Beeping 

Beep Sound during Pairing Mode

To enter pairing mode, turn off the headphones and hold the Volume+ button for 5-7 seconds. Avoid extended button presses or short circuits and ensure proper drying in a well-ventilated area.

Beeping due to Poor Bluetooth Connections

Bluetooth connections may result in beeping if the device moves out of range. Keep the device nearby during use as Bluetooth has limited range and is unsuitable for long distances.

Beeping caused by Moisture in the Charging Port

If moisture is present in the charging port, the headphones may beep continuously. Disconnect the charger immediately and let the headphones air dry for a while.

Aftershokz Headphones Beeping on Mute 

A bug in the 2022 Microsoft Teams update caused Shokz and other Bluetooth headphones to beep during mute. This issue is specific to Microsoft Teams and Shokz headphones.

Two solutions are available: 

1) Install the latest update for Teams or your video conferencing software to fix the bug. 

2) In Teams, unmute yourself or ask the host to do so, then manually mute your Shokz headphones by pressing the Volume+ and Volume- buttons simultaneously for two seconds. Audrey will confirm mute status with “Mute On.” Repeat the process to unmute and speak.

Aftershokz Beeping When Charging 

Your Aftershokz headphones may beep vigorously during charging due to liquid infiltration in the charging port, even with high water-resistance ratings. 

Moisture in the charging port triggers continuous beeping and a flashing red LED on Shokz headphones. Disconnect immediately, and let them dry in a well-ventilated area to avoid damage.

Shokz recommends a minimum drying time of 30 minutes before reinitiating the charging process to mitigate the risk of permanent damage. 

Aftershokz Opencomm Keeps Beeping 

Opencomm can beep due to moisture, pairing mode, calls, or poor connections. Follow the above steps provided to resolve these issues.

While beeping on mute after a recent Team update, follow these;

  1. Enable the “Mic in” device under Sounds > Recording and set “Headset (OpenComm Shocks Hands-free AG audio)” as the default.
  2. In MSFT Teams, during a call, click the three dots, and go to “Mode>Device Settings.” Use the microphone dropdown to switch between “Headset (OpenComm by Shokz Hands-Free AG Audio)” and “Stereo Mix (Realtek(r) Audio).” Select “Stereo Mix” to mute the mic and “Headset” to unmute and speak.

Aftershokz Mute Beeping Zoom 

To address beeping in Aftershokz headphones during Zoom calls while on mute, adjust the headphone configuration. Follow these steps,

Activate mute in Zoom, then simultaneously press the + and – buttons on the headphones for 2 seconds to unmute them (though you will still appear muted). Alternatively, modify Windows settings by right-clicking the Volume in the Start menu, selecting Sound, choosing the Recording option, accessing Properties, and adjusting the mute setting if needed. 

If these solutions fail, consider purchasing the Aftershokz Dongle for audio customization or contact the Aftershokz support team for further assistance.

Aftershokz Double Beep Mute 

If you encounter double beeping issues with muting on your Aftershokz headphones, try creating a new environment for Microsoft Teams to determine if the problem persists. Additionally, update your Windows 10 installation to resolve potential bugs in the Teams app.

To address the problem, utilize the small microphone button in the meeting’s device settings. When activated, Audrey will confirm “Mute on” and after a few seconds, “Mute off.” 

Aftershokz Blinking Red and Blue When Charging 

If your Aftershokz headphones are blinking red and blue while being charged, there are several steps you can take to address the issue. 

Firstly, disconnect the headphones from the charger and ensure that the charging port is clean and free from any debris or obstructions. Then, securely reconnect the headphones to the charger and make sure that the charger is plugged into a stable power source. 

Allow the headphones to charge for an adequate amount of time. If the blinking red and blue lights continue, try using a different charging cable or charger as an alternative solution.

Aftershokz Aeropex Beeping Noise

The possible reason that goes for all aftershokz headphones such as moisture in the charging port, entering pairing mode, incoming calls, poor connections, or beeping on mute can be solved by following the troubleshooting steps which are mentioned in the above sections.


You can enjoy music, and uninterrupted work by following these simple methods that surely will solve your Aftershokz Headphone’s beeping. With that ensure you routinely clean the charging ports and charge them enough while their usage. You can try a factory reset if the stubborn beeping refuses to go. Contact Aftershokz for further help.


How do I stop Aftershokz from beeping?

You can stop Aftershokz from beeping while on mute by muting Teams, and unmuting headphones, pressing the + and – buttons together for 2 seconds (mute status remains), and ensuring headphones are charged and charging ports are cleaned regularly.

Why does my Aftershokz randomly beep?

Beeping on Aftershokz may occur due to moisture in the charging port, entering pairing mode, incoming calls, weak connections, or software bugs.

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