As both Aftershokz Air and Aeropex are exceptional bone conduction headphones, it is difficult to compare them since they require a detailed examination to determine strengths and weaknesses. So I used them for two weeks, and now I can tell you which headphones are better for you and in what situation.

So let’s start comparing our Aftershokz Air vs Aeropex bone conduction headphones.

Aftershokz Air Vs Aeropex: Looks and Design

Upon opening the Aeropex package, the first thing I noticed were the enhanced transducers. They were smaller, and they were rounded in shape. In contrast to the Air ones, which are cubist in appearance. I like them. Their design gives the headphones a more sophisticated look. 

There are four colors available for the Aeropex headphones. The forest green color (Air) has been replaced with a cosmic black version in color. The Aeropex collection of colors consists of three different shades; Lunar Gray, Blue Eclipse, and Solar Red. There is a lighter blue and red color on the front of the blue and red frame than on the back. 

If you choose the lunar gray version, it’s the other way around. It certainly adds to the appearance. In all four AfterShokz Air models, the whole frame is covered in the same color.

AfterShokz Aeropex has a smaller size than its predecessor, and this contributes to the product’s overall appearance.. The AfterShokz Aeropex is considered to be simpler and more streamlined compared to the AfterShokz Air. Compared to the cubist form of the Air transducers, the streamlined design of the LeakSlayer transducers without the holes is what I prefer.

However, this, as it always is, is a matter of personal preference. When comparing the Air and the Aeropex, the Air and the Aeropex are virtually the same, with the exception of the charging port and the smaller controller which is located on the frame.

Sound and Vibrations

Air is also much louder than Aeropex, despite its more miniature transducer being used, due to its stronger magnetic field, even though it has a transducer that is 50% smaller. If you love camping and being outdoors, you will love Air. The mid-to-high frequency range now has a very smooth performance which is because it is louder and it is also louder.

I find the sound quality of the vocals to be comparable to or even better than that of traditional earbuds. The enhanced sound quality of the AfterShokz Aeropex was a significant factor in my decision to purchase the product.

Louder sounds do not necessarily mean that vibrations will be increased. In contrast to the Air, almost no vibrations are experienced with the Aeropex, especially at higher volumes. With the intention of reducing vibrations by limiting bass, the AfterShokz solution limits bass in order to achieve a comfortable level of vibration reduction. AfterShokz headphones have been criticized for not having enough bass because of the bone conduction technology.

The AfterShokz Aeropex represents a significant improvement in terms of bass performance. The reason for this is the new positioning of the transducer. The Air had a transducer directly against the face, but the Aeropex had a transducer 30 degrees away from the face. The result is that there is more movement, i.e., more bass while reducing vibrations. It is a real improvement in the real world, not just in theory.

Sound Leakage

There are a number of bone conduction headphones and sunglasses that leak sound. The issue has always been a problem for companies such as Zungle, Conduit, Vidonn, etc. This can affect your privacy.

In addition to the superior sound quality, one of the main reasons to choose the Aeropex is the reduced sound leakage.

Compared to Air, Aeropex promises a 50% reduction in sound leakage. Even though it is difficult to test this as a regular user, we noticed a significant improvement the first time we played a song. The sound leakage was tested in various situations and with several people at the highest volume. Now, the headphones barely leak any sound. Even though you can hear a buzzing sound at the highest volume, this is an excellent improvement on the original.

IP67 Ratings

Sweat resistance is a significant concern when it comes to sports headphones. It can affect the quality of the headphones. I believe that there’s a reason many sports headphones are receiving poor reviews on major sites like Amazon. Over the past few years, AfterShokz has been trying to resolve this problem. Over a year and a half of regular use, the quality of sound, charging, and other aspects of the AfterShokz Air were unaffected by sweat and rain.

In order to make the Aeropex waterproof to the IP67 standard, AfterShokz decided to go the extra mile. All of the LeakSlayer holes have disappeared from the Air. According to AfterShokz, every Aeropex is tested on the assembly line to make sure that it can be submerged in water for 30 minutes. Despite being submerged for half an hour, the Aeropex still worked, and the sound was crystal clear.

Smaller Battery, Longer Battery Life

Longer battery life can also be achieved by using Qualcomm’s latest chip, 3024. It dramatically reduces Bluetooth power consumption. Due to this reason, the Aeropex has a battery life of 8 hours, while the Air has a battery life of 6 hours. Air’s battery life is 145 mAh and the Aeropex has a 180 mAh battery life.

The Aeropex that I used for the test played music continuously for 8 hours and 21 minutes. It took me one hour and 56 minutes to fully charge the device. The AfterShokz team delivered on their promise on this one, and it is a significant improvement for those who have been involved in the sport for an extended amount of time.

The little but clear LED light on the side of the AfterShokz Aeropex is something I like about it. Earlier versions of this light had the same purpose, but the light is located on the side of the controller part of the frame, increasing its visibility.

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According to my opinion, both are well worth the money spent on them. Both models focused on the bone conduction aspect as well as the sound quality aspect of the product.

If you want quality sound coupled with good safety features, then the AfterShokz Air is good for you. It has excellent wearing comfort and decent sound.

For those who want exceptional sound quality combined with exceptional comfort while wearing their headphones and some extra features like the waterproof feature and longer battery life, the AfterShokz Aeropex is the best choice.

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